Istanbul- the posh city

Update: this post and the following about Turkey were written a month ago when we touched down Istanbul in mid June. I just got around to posting them now.

We finally made it to Istanbul after a long trip. We arrived mid day Saturday and checked in our hotel: Recital hotel, which is a small boutique hotel located near the old mosques and Topkapi palace.

Recital Hotel

 We rested a bit and had lunch in the neighborhood. The kids had rice with minced meat and eggplant topped with baked mashed potato. The Hubby and I tried some chicken rolled with veggies in a light tomato sauce.

What the hubby and I ate

Then we went on a stroll near the Spice market and bridge. The place was packed since it was a Saturday with tourists, families, young couples, friends. The main activity seemed to be shopping. The weather was very complaisant: not too hot, not too cold. It is Summer but it felt like Spring (European summers are usually like that).

A view of the port

I was overjoyed to be back in the city. Not many things have changed since the last time we were here in 2010\11. It is still a pleasure to realize that Turkish people are very welcoming, very friendly. They still love children and mine were getting all kind of attention from pats on the head from men to pinches and kisses on the cheeks from grandmas. But what I liked the most from all this joyous atmosphere was the fashion. Women here are so stylish. Only the tourists seem to be frumpy. Turkish women were wearing colorful and trendy outfits, sometimes sexy, sometimes modest. And their shoe game is crazy; I noticed many platforms with tribal tones. It was a feast for the eyes. I could sit in a cafe, sip some Chai and do people watching for hours. I say people because the Turkish men are dapper as well. They are not afraid of wearing colored denim, matching them with their suede loafers. It was so unusual for me because most people in Pune do not dress like that (they are more formal and traditional).
As for myself, for my first day back in the city, I wore my jeans with stripped dress and layered with a red open cardigan. No fuss. I felt under dressed compared to the women around town, but the outfit held its purpose as I was roaming on the streets hassle free.

What I wore.

Plus the accessories: Indian ring and Dior bracelet

We ended the day with Turkish ice creams.  We were still full from our five o'clock lunch that we could not eat diner. The kids ate the ice creams which by the lick of it tasted great. The hubby and I got Baklava to eat back at the hotel with tea. I was so tired that I barely made it to bed after my second cup of tea.
 What day two has in store for us? I cannot wait to find out.


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