What to give on Valentine's day!

Valentine's day is a few days away. For those of you who have Valentines and celebrate it, you are planning to get your love the perfect gift that says how much you appreciate them. But it is sometimes a real problem, because we all know how hard getting the perfect gift is. Here are a few tips to make your gift shopping less hectic.

For her:

We do not want to generalize but Girls are very easy to please. If she truly loves you, she does not need your gift to be expensive, just  thoughtful.

For her

- Flowers
A fresh bouquet of roses or of her favorite flowers will bring a smile to her lips and win you extra points. Unless she is allergic to pollen, I do not know a girl who does not like receiving flowers.

- Chocolates
A nice box of chocolates goodies may ruin her diet but she will appreciate the gesture.

- Lingerie
I know some of you men think that giving a girl sexy Lingerie will win you points. And it may. You just have to make sure she is the type of girl who would like such a gift. Also before you shop for her, know her size and her taste. Personally I think it is a bit tacky, and a gift more for the man than the woman, but I will not say no to sexy lingerie (I am easy like that). So tread carefully. This gift is more for the woman you have been with for a while, and whom you know inside and out.

- Jewelry
A timeless watch, earrings even a necklace will be a sweet touch. Once again, know what she likes before you shop. Study what she wears in order to find out her style. And if you are not about to pop the question, avoid these kind of presents because a small jewelry box may throw her off or kill her hopes. Tread lightly!

- A nice diner
A woman likes a man who goes all out and organizes a nice romantic diner for her. It does not even need to be fancy. It could be at a restaurant she likes (or the place you had your first date if it was successful) or a new joint she wanted to try. Make sure you book in advance to have a table ready.

- A week end gateway
If you can splurge, surprise her with a week end gateway to a location you are sure she will like. It could be in the country, on a beach side, or camping (if she is the outdoorsy type).

If you have no idea what to give your Valentine, just listen to her carefully and see what she does. Women are experts at dropping hints. It can be very subtle sometimes so pay attention.

For him

In some cultures, Valentine's day is all about the woman but if you want to please your man, what is stopping you from doing so?!

For him

- Clothing
Men appreciate clothes as well as women. Get him a nice shirt, a tie or a sweater if the weather ask for it. Know his size before hand and his style to avoid mistakes.

- A watch
A timeless piece will get him excited.

- Cologne
You like it when your man smells good. He likes it too. So get him a cologne you are sure he will appreciate, something sexy, dangerous but classic.

- A new phone
If you can splurge, get him something techie like the latest smart phone out there that he has been eyeing for a while.

- Chill
Men are very easy to please. Make him a nice diner with all his favorites and then put on a show that will make him blush (and forget about his House of Cards marathon) and he will have the best Valentine's day ever. That is, if you are up for it. Otherwise, stick to the gift.

I hope this will help you have the best Valentine's day ever.


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