Closet cravings : to renew my wardrobe!

Hello everybody!

I have been doing some closet cleaning recently, getting rid all the things that do not fit, are faded or that I do not wear anymore. The exercise made me want to start anew, to build a wardrobe that was really functional (more minimal and more formal) and not only aesthetically pleasing. So for this month, here are few simple things I want:

- Jeans

I have only one pair of jeans and they are too big. I am looking to find two new ones: a fitted boyfriend type and a skinny type to complete me.

- Tops with trims

I have a good collection of blouses but I need more in cotton and preferably with interesting details like bell sleeves. I also want them to be all long sleeves. I am done buying sleeveless things. If I do not find what I am looking for, I am up for making them.

- Basic shoes

I have been buying shoes that would hopefully up my shoe game in a classy way. I think I need a white sandals and red Mary Jane to be done (for now). Well, I am just giving you another excuse to buy more shoes!

- A red blazer

I do not really wear red. It is a color I think does not look good on me except for tomato red. But I have been dying to have a blazer in red and found the perfect thing at Max the other day. I am going to get it!I am just waiting for the price to drop a bit.


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