Mumbai, the love is beginning (in pictures)

Last week, on an impulse we went to Mumbai for a day. We wanted to check some markets because we were told Mumbai had a lot to offer when it came to fabrics. We left Pune early to beat the traffic and arrived in Mumbai by 10 AM. Unfortunately for us, most fabric shops were closed due to Republic day and we ended up going back home to Pune empty handed. However walking around the market, and driving around the city, I found a new love for Mumbai I would like to share with you again with pictures.


Republic day parade

This lady had an amazing dotted Lehenga Saree with a colorful printed border. 

Mangaldas market which was closed.

This woman's Saree was so gorgeous with vibrant colors of purple and green and peacock feather embroidered in crystals. 

Chhatrapati Shivaji railway station

Wedding party - The groom  

As usual, I wished I took more pictures. Even sitting in a car, there was so much Mumbai showed me: from men taking a shower with their underwear on the streets, to people queuing  to get inside a temple. Everything I saw was breathtaking. Also I felt at ease walking down the streets of the markets. People barely looked at me. I was a foreigner in a crowded Indian city, but no one paid me no mind (unlike Pune where everywhere I walk, people stare). I guess that is the difference between a big city and a small town. 


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