On my radar: Coins, tassels and Pom poms

    It is not a secret that I have been obsessed with everything coins, tassels and pom poms recently. I blame it all on on my belly dance class but also on living in India and being exposed to these items on a daily basis.

Traditional Garba garment for the Navratri festival 

Indians love these items and put them on their clothes, their accessories even their trucks. Funnily enough, I used to find them tacky and a bit childish. A few years back, I would not be caught dead with tassels, never mind pom poms. I only did coins. I had a golden coin necklace that my Mother stole from me ( and that I have been trying to replace ever since).

But it is not only India that has a thing for coins, tassels and pom poms. It seems the world of Fashion is also getting their hands on them.

Jimmy Choo tassel  sandals 

Dolce and Gabbana coin dress

Fendi Pom pom charm 

 And you can too. Here is how:

- Accessories:

They are a great way to incorporate the trend by small doses particularly if you are not sure if it is really for you. Try getting pom pom or tassels earrings, necklace or even key chains to add to your classic outfits. It will give a new twist to a classic style. And if it is subtle, it will not be too distracting.


Coin necklace, tassel key chain, Pom pom and tassels earrings 

- Trims

Another great way to go for these items is to add them as embellishments or trims to your clothes or bags and shoes (or get some that already have them). And don't you think that they are only reserved to Bohemian and Gypsies. They can be very sophisticated.


Tassel leather clutch, tassel and pompom charm shoes, coin embellished suit, pom pom trim scarf and pom pom rim hat

- All the way

If you want to have fun, just go all the way. Put them on everything you want. The more the funner!


Pom pom sweater, tassel (fringe) dress, and coin embellished Saree

Bear in mind that this is trend you can afford without breaking the bank. If you have a little time on your hands, you can do like me and DIY them. Then you can create a one of a kind item for your own pleasure. I leave with you pictures of people already rocking  the trend.

Bloggers wearing my obsession:

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