What to wear at a Babyshower

A close friend of mine invited me to her baby shower. I am very excited because it will be the first time that I am attending a baby shower. We do not have baby showers in my country. In fact we do not even acknowledge a pregnant woman because it is bad luck. For example, you will never say to a pregnant woman:
- How far along are you?
- Do you know what you are having?
- When is your due date?
Moreover, when you see a pregnant and want to brush the subject with her you just tell her:
- You are very pretty (meaning you are heavily pregnant)
A pregnant lady at home will try to hide her pregnancy as long as she could wearing baggy clothes. So you see, baby showers are not popular at home.

However, I watched enough TV to have an idea of what happens during baby showers. I know there is a bunch of ladies eating canapes an cupcakes, sharing stories and having ames, and bringing baby related gifts. My entire image of a baby shower is a room full of pastel colored balloons and gift wraps.
I am in trouble then, because my friend with the shower is Indian and she is having a Bollywood theme party. I am expecting bold colors, gold and silvers, and a not so subtle baby shower.

Nevertheless, I did some research online and I found out that for showers that are casual, one should wear something comfortable but not too outthere. The attention should be on the mother to be and not the guests. Moreover, sexy attires are a no-no. On top of that if one wants to wear a heel, she should go for a lower one.
Based on this, I narrowed my search and came up with the following outfits

Option 1: A dress
You cannot go wrong with a dress. I think one that is not tight, and below the knee is the perfect option. Think Mrs Obama and you have an idea of what I am talking about.
If the dress is sleevless you can add a cardigan to contrast and appear more modest. A belt is also another great way to accessorize. A bold ring is probably all the bling you will need with some nice slingbacks or ballet shoes.
Formal baby shower worthy dresses

Option 2: Slacks or pencil skirts
Go for the trend of colorful slacks (not jeans) or pencil skirts. Use nice colors like green, pink or even mustard. But pair those bold pants with white shirts or a polka dot blouse to tone them down a bit.
Colored slacks or skirts

Option 3: A coloful blazer
The blazer is no longer just an outer. It is a statement clothe that will wow anyone paired with the right outfit. If you want to keep it casual wear it with some striped tee, a long blouse or over a printed dress.
Colorful blazer

Option 4: A maxi skirt
Maxi skirt with pleats or dots are very much in this time of the year. Wear one in pastel color and style it with a blouse, a cropped sweater or a lace top. Ankle boots will finish the outfit. I also love the option of a printed full skirts. I own some African print skirts and they always make me very happy and stand out from the crowd.

Maxi or tribal skirt

For this shower I think, I will go for option 4. I am very much at ease with maxi skirts and already find one (or two) that may fit the occasion.

Or maybe I should wear something Indian like a Shalwar Kazeem?
Oh what is a girl to do?

PS: Check http://wafufashion.blogspot.com/2012/03/baby-shower.html to see what I finally wore for the shower.


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