One skirt, the sky is the limit!

I decided to participate to the EBEW challenge once again. I love those challenges but can't never remember when they are due. But this time, I got myself informed and I am getting prepared.

The challenge is to wear this Spring biggest trend (a part from pollen allergies): pastels.

I recently bought this mint (?) skirt from G.U. but had yet to wear it. I started thinking about how I could style it. Should I go the color blocking route and pair it with a sweater? Shall I try it with my patchwork jacket? Or just my faux leather jacket? I had so many choices and I could not decide on one. So I tried them all for my series: one item, endless possibilities.

1- Simple

Scarf - Gifted
Leather jacket - Shimamura
Top - Walmart
Skirt - G.U.
Boots - ABC Mart

2- Jelli

Scarf - Walmart
Sweater - Thrifted
Tee - Walmart
Skirt - G.U.
Shoes - Don Don Down

3- Party time

Sequin beret - can't remember where
Open Cardi - Gap
Skirt (worn as dress) - G.U.
Boots - Nine West

4- Wild

Turban - Jerusalem Halal Shop
Printed reversible Jacket - gifted from more than 12 years ago
Sequin top - Forever 21 via Factory 2 U
Skirt - G.U.
Shoes - H&M 

So which one is your favorite style? I like the simple ones but the last one by far is my fav. For some reason, the jacket paired with the sequined top just makes me happy. I was giggling all the time I was wearing it, and while I was taking the pics. I just want to go out right now wearing this. But it is not warm enough yet. Think this will be the outfit I post for the challenge on April.


Juanette said…
That sequined top is ADORABLE, it would be SO cute with jeans and a colored heel!
Chilel said…
Thanks Juanette, will try that too

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