Wishlist 2012- Time to Bargain

Do you know how hard it is not to be able to shop during Xmas time? Well, for me it is pure torture. Every department stores or shopping malls you go are decorated with shiny lights and original Xmas trees. Plus the stores displays are so creative that I am forced to check them out. And once inside I am even more attracted to the numerous things on sale and the special bag they give you once you shop. I used to collect them back in the days.

However, I am telling myself that it is a good thing I do not get to shop around the holidays because January 1st is the beginning of the crazy sale season in Japan. Everything you see in stores now, will be half price once we start 2012. So really what is the point of shopping now? Last year, I hit big at H&M and bought some great finds for myself and my business (even though I still have not worn all of those things, crazy right!!!). And it was pure coincidence that I discovered their sales. This year, I am trying to organize myself into buying what I really need (and not want) so that I get to wear everything. And here is what I need:

 - A camel cape coat/ poncho

Ok, the first item is really a want thing. I have been craving a cape coat since last year but could not find anything for the right price. Therefore, this year I decided that I would pay the price if I find something that is worth it. And my choice of color is camel. You cannot go wrong with a camel coat. It screams "class" and "lux". I am getting older so I need classy things even if they may clash with my boring housewife lifestyle.

Camel poncho for 7203Y at Anapnet.com but this will be only for Spring, I am really looking for this below

I am guessing it is from DKNY and maybe out of my reach, but I still can dream....

I would go there only after I get my camel coat, poncho for 3450Y at Anapnet.com

- Boots

My favorite pair of boots (6 years old) just gave up on me this week. I knew their time was counted and I should have invested in another pair of boots. But I kept on delaying because I thought that I could find better and cheaper someday. Anyway, I am not waiting anymore. I need me a pair (or two) of boots. The only problem is that once I decide I want one style, I see someone wearing another one in the streets and my heart falls for that one. So far, I am thinking of getting a rider's style boots and some suede boots with a wedge heels. I found the later in a tan color and for absolutely nothing last week; but since I am saving it for January (if it is still there), I did not get it. My other big issue with the boots is that I never find my size in Japan. However my last resort will be to thrift them at Don Don Down. Last time I was there they had great boots my size.

Patent leather boots for 7990Y at Zara 

Insole boots available at Galstar.jp for 2990Y

- Sweaters and Cardigans

My collection of sweaters are getting old. And for a good reason, I had bought most of them back in 2004. I really need some new ones in the following colors: navy, red, olive green, brown and tan. Moreover, I am interested with big granny sweaters but also the ones with Native American design on them.

Forever 21 Native Long cardigan for 4590Y 

-  A puffer jacket

I am not really into down jackets because I always thought that they make you look like the Michelin man. And that is a big no no for my frame. However I tolerate them because they do keep me warm in Winter. This year, I started to notice that the down jackets were getting more and more feminine. They are longer and sometimes they even have belts. I saw a 20 something girl wearing one with a lace design. It was so girlish and pretty. Therefore I am looking for a puffer jacket that is girly enough for me but will keep me warm.

Something like this but with a hood, available at Nissen.co.jp for 8990Y

You see, it is not an exhaustive list. But as I am updating it, I am finding more and more things I would love to add to it, like brogue shoes, like new berets, like another coat, like some colorful pants, like some new leggings...and what about renewing my underwear collection....Oh! this shall never end!


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