(I need) shoes for Winter

Winter is really here. The high temperatures of November and my three weeks vacations in a hot country fooled me into thinking that it was not that cold. However, the freezing weather of these past days brought me back to reality: it is super dupa cold.

As I go out often now, I realized that I do not have any adequate shoes for this weather. Being a Summer girl, I have all kinds of sandals, tongs, ballet flats and even peep toe pumps. But when it comes to shoes suitable for cold, I am at lost. I do have some closed shoes bought some years back but they are all failing me as they are getting too old and worn out. I need some good, sturdy, warm, good to look at shoes. And my heart is setting on these:

I - Boots

I am still looking for boots. It is kind of hard to find boots both in my size (8 and a half) and for a reasonable price here in Japan. So I am still struggling. I am also having problems with settling for a design. Every day I change my mind. However I think that these would be winners in my book

-Suede boots:
 I think that the best boots are Suede boots. I maybe bias because I owned a pair for 6 years.  They are the most comfortable and cutest boots I know. I want a pair that is knee high and wide enough. I am not really settled on the color but tan, grey, or purple would do.

 Soft suede long boots at Galstar.jp for 2990Y

- Riders style boots:
I do not do horseback riding but I would die to own the entire look: so polish and elegant. Riders boots would look good on anything: pants, jeans, skirts, dresses you name it. They are very mannish but very ladylike at the same time. They would instantly update my wardrobe.

 Patent leather boots at Zara for 5990Y
- Booties:
I have never been a fan of booties. For some reasons they are not appealing to me. However, I am starting to realize that booties are very classy and grown up. I am 31 , and I think it is about time that I mature and look the part. I think a pair of booties can help me accomplish just that. I could go for a wedge if I am afraid of the heeled version
H&M  Suede booties for 6990Y

 Nuovo Short boots for 1575Y at Abc Mart

II - Flats

I love ballet flats. I cannot get enough of them but they rarely keep me warm in Winter. I think I need to switch to some other kind of flats that will cover my entire foot hence be worn with thick socks:

- Leopard loafers
I already own two pairs of loafers in grey and in tan But both of them are kind of blah. I want a loafer that is edgy and I found the perfect one in Leopard on the coupon flyer of Shimamura store. However they do not have them in my local Shimamura yet. I will be patient, all the while praying that these babies come in my size.

These are Steve Madden but Shimamura has a similar pair for 1490Y

- Oxford shoes:
When I was a teen, my Dad bought me this fabulous pair of two toned oxford shoes. I loved them so much and would wear them everyday. I have been waiting to renew this experience for a while now. I think this year, I have to get myself one pair. If just I could decide which:

Suede Oxfords for 2580Y @ Forever21.co.jp

Two toned oxford shoes for 1699Y @ Forever21.co.jp

 III Sneakers or Sports shoes

I am not a sneaker person. I did own a single Ecko pair for years and barely wore it. I do not own sneakers for a simple reason: I do not work out. And when I do, it is usually inside my house. However last Summer I was forced to buy a pair because I had to participate in my son's school sports day. I bought this very stylish lime green grey woven sneakers. They are super light and comfy but not suitable for Winter. Hence I think it is time I get myself a real pair of sports shoes

- Sport shoes:
As every woman in her right mind who would love to loose weight without a single effort, I am tempted to buy the very popular Reebok Easy tone. But why spend that much amount of money on a pair of shoes that does not even make me feel fabulous (plus I doubt it will turn me into Jlo). I just something that is sturdy enough to last, warm enough and comfy enough to wear for long period of time.

 Nike shoes for 2990Y at Abc Mart

- Fun Sneakers:
I do not wear sneakers for fun. I see people wearing all kinds of sneakers in all kinds of colors in town. But I always thought they were not for me. Until I saw some in Malaysia. I am not even sure they are sneakers. I can only call them Toms shoes because I think that this brand made them popular. The ones I saw in Sabah were in red and cost nothing but I let them go because I was on the hunt for wedges.
Now, I am not sure these shoes will keep me warm in Winter but maybe they can serve as transition shoes from Winter to Spring.
Espadrilles sleep ons for 1980Y @ Forever21.co.jp

That is all I want folks. Now I am itching to go shop..............but where shall I start?


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