Malaysian Holidays Outfit Planner

Note: I wrote this post before leaving but just got around to publish it now. The post about Malaysia in pictures should come first.Sorry!

When almost all of you will be busy shopping for gifts, attending office parties and planning for Xmas and New Year's, yours truly is faced with the dilemma of packing for a 19 days vacations in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Malaysia? Again? Yep! It will be my 5th time there. But this time I am going to a different place. And I would be very excited except for the fact that I have to pack and I have no idea of things to take with me. Well, that is a lie, I have an idea but I just can't edit them. The hubby wants me to be light and take like 5 clothes. Who does he think I am? A man like him? Any self respected girl (I am not even saying blogger) will take more than 5 outfits (not clothes) to a 19 days vacations. So as usual, my bag will be fully ( and by fully I mean almost exploding) packed.
Malaysia will be hot, so I am planning on taking light things. And since I will probably enjoy the beach I want colorful clothes. So far here are the things that made the cut (and that are inside my suitcase as I type.

- Tops:
Chambray shirt
Colorful dress shirt
Grey sweater
Grey tee
Pink tunic
White blouse
 White tee

- Bottoms:
Black cargos
Black skirt
White pants

- Others:
 Maxi dress
Short dress
Striped shoes
Plastic tongs
Beige bag with sequins
Oversized boston bag

Here are pics of the few outfits I plan to wear

For sightseeing

For the trip

For New year's eve

For the beach

Last Fall, I had a challenge where I was supposed to wear about 30 clothes in 30 days or more. I did fail some days but I learned how to mix and style clothes in different ways. The most important thing I learned was that it was hard to style bold and colorful clothes. Therefore even though I have colorful tops, I am keeping my bottoms in basic colors so that I can mix and match easily. I hope I get to wear everything that I will take and in a way that will please me.

I want to end this post by wishing you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. It may not be the last post of this year but I am taking my precautions.



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