This is what I wore in KK

I am back, after 19 days of wonderful vacation in KK Malaysia. I ate too much, slept too much, watched too much TV and just laze around. Actually I am tired of being this lazy. I am not hundred percent happy being back to my routine, but I was missing home a bit, while away. Call me crazy!

Anyway, for my 19 days vacations in Sabah, I took 15 clothes, 3 pairs of shoes, 5 scarves and some accessories.
I tried to take an outfit post almost everyday without success. But I managed to snatch a few outfit posts.
Here they are:

I wore my black skirt a lot. Two days before we left K.K., I wore it with a plain white tee. It is the comfiest thing I own and I cannot stress enough how much I want another skirt like this.

I adore this dress. When I think that it stayed in my closet for more than a year after I purchased it before wearing it. And to think that I was this close to give it away last Summer because I thought it did not look good on my extra pounds. Anyway, this shall remain in my closet for a very long time. It is just a great dress, that can even be worn as a skirt (I did it once when I was slimmer).

Another great summer staple. This shirt is easy breezy and makes me happy. I just wished it did not wrinkle easily.

These jeans were worn more than half of the vacations. They were very practical for long walks at the beach or the mall. I have to wash them now. By the way, after how many wears do you wash your jeans. I had an uncle told me once that jeans are not to be washed. Hum?!?!

There are other clothes that did not make it to this blog just because I did not take pics of myself everyday. It is hard to travel and take pics of oneself.

Overall, I learned some things on this trip about packing:
- I should stick to clothes that do not wrinkle even after I wash them. Not every hotel have irons. I was lucky enough to get one at our first hotel but not in the others. Therefore some of my clothes (like the flower shirt) was wrinkled on the second part of the trip.
I saw this Korean lady in our hotel and she was always well dressed. She did not wear anything expensive but her clothes just look neat. And I knew that it was because they did not have wrinkles. After watching her for a couple of days (It is not as stalker as it sounds), I decided that next time I travel, I would pack clothes that do not wrinkle. My two dresses were perfect for this time tough.

- I should pack a cardigan next time. I already had one in grey but it is a bit old. I need something long , a bit see through and wrinkle free. Again observing that Korean lady, I realised that cardigans added a touch of class to any outfit. One day she wore a skirt and a plain striped tee (nothing fancy) but her long black lame cardigan made the outfit pop. I should have taken a pic of the lady so you could judge by yourself.

- I should pack clothes that can be worn in different ways. For example, my dresses can be worn as tunics, or skirts depending on how I style them. And this automatically save some room in my luggage because it means that I do not need to pack an extra skirt. Pants that can turn into shorts or capri shorts are also great.

These are the few things I learn travelling that long. I have to admit that it was the first time I stay anywhere on vacation that long except from home. And since I get bored easily, I needed to bring with me things I really like and can mix and match easily. I know that buying some extra clothes once on vacation is an other option but I did not find anything that made me drool during my trip (except shoes) so I was stuck with what I got.

I hope y'all had a wonderful holiday and are ready to kick in 2012. It already started to shake (earthquake wise, economy wise, politically wise) allover the world. So I wish you to be safe and happy this year.


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