Outfit planner: Malaysia

Well, it maybe too early to even think about it, but what the hell, I am excited. My husband just told me this morning that he was thinking of going to Malaysia for some well deserved R&R ( I love using this word). I am kind of skeptical because the last time I had some real R&R was two years ago in Hawaii. Last year, we just opted to go back home because I was pregnant and needed my family around me. This year travel was not really on the map. We thought about going to New Orleans for some seafood. However we kept on postponing and now with the hideous oil spill, I do not think it is going to happen. But I am rambling. So to sum up, we may or may not go to Malaysia by the end of this month. And you know what that means: Outfit planner!!!

I love Malaysia. I have been there 3 times already: two times with my hubby and once with my best friend. It was the best times I had on vacations. I love everything, well almost everything about Malaysia: from the beautiful beaches, to the wonderful food en passant par the cheap and inspiring markets. Whenever I go there, I just sit back, eat good and spicy food, swim in the beach and or pool, shop till I drop and enjoy some spa. The other thing I like about Malaysia is that it is a predominantly Muslim country therefore when I am there I do not have to worry about the food I eat (whether it is Halal or not). Before I would have to worry about my clothing: keeping it modest enough. But since I am trying to be a Hijabi now, I guess it will not be an issue.

Anyway, for a laid back vacation in Malaysia, here is what I think I need:

- For the trip, I may wear my beige Spence dress shirt. It can wrinkle easily but it is very comfy and the button make it easy for the baby to have access to the nipple (Yep, I am still breastfeeding and always think about easy access for the boobs whenever I dress up. What a hassle!). Or I could wear the dress as a trench coat and have a comfy wooden beaded top underneath it. It will give me a little fashionista edge I so want to have.

- Summer maxi dresses and/ or skirts: thank GOD, I had already purchased some this Spring. I already featured one of them in the blog. I also have another maxi dress in black that I wore in Hawaii two years ago. But the strap broke and I have not fixed it yet. I guess it is about time. If ever I happen to go shopping before going, I may buy a black cotton jumpsuit that is not too form fitting. I have been obsessed about jumpsuit since last week. I just need to get myself one. But if that does not happen, another maxi dress will do ( one can never have enough of those)

The Tube Maxi Dress

The "Hawaiian" Maxi Dress

- Long tunics: I already own several tunics but this time I will recycle my favorite: a Gap fuchsia one I had for years and even wore on my last trip to Malaysia.

Gap Fuchsia Tunic

- Shoes: ballets flats, tongs and maybe gladiator wedges.
I still have not made my mind about how many shoes I want to take. I mean, it is just for 5 days, do I really need 4 pairs of shoes. Who am I? Fergie? (who took two suitcases for a 2 days honeymoon getaway). I usually wear flats when I travel because I like to be comfy. And I love my black leather flats but as I noticed last time I power walked around the mall, they can hurt my feet after a while. So, instead of my flats, I was thinking of wearing this nice piece of gladiators wedge I just bought yesterday at Ross.

Report Gladiator Wedge

They are so gorgeous and so cheap, they make me wanna scream "Cynthia, who?" (I wanted the Cynthia Vincent for Target shoes but they were out of stock). The wedge is a bit high but it is so soft I think I can pull it off. The tongs are for the beach. They are made with recycled plastic bags. They cost me nothing: $4. And I just remembered that they have a matching beach bag. I will finally get to use it. Yeah!

Recycled Plastic Tongs and matching Bag

But wait a minute, my lovely dad just send me these cute beaded tongs in one of my favorite hue.

Beaded Sandals

These are gorgeous and they make me so happy for no reason at all. I may have to break them in Malaysia. 4 pairs of shoes, really?

-Bathing suit: now will be just a good time to have one of those Burqini . However, I do not have $100 to throw out the door just yet. So, I may as well make my own Burqini. I guess I will need some kind of sweat suit. I may put my own swimming suit underneath just in case the sweats go see-through when I hit the water. Oh what a Hijabi has to go through to enjoy some swim time!

- Accessories: my light weighted cardigans, my light scarves, my black sunhat, sunglasses, my exotic jewelry and maybe some sarong will just add pizazz to my outfits.

Now you tell me! Is that too much for a trip of 5 days or even less? Perhaps I will have to edit my choices to fewer pieces, considering that I want to shop there as well and bring back some beauties.


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