Jumpsuits (Forget about the maxi dress obsession!)

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have an obsession for the maxi dress. I still have not found the one I am looking for, and I am not sorry to say that I made a few compromises along the process. However, just recently, I have felt the urge to replace my maxi dress obsession with something a little more daring and addictive. You would not believe me if I tell you that I developed a new obsession for the Jumpsuit.

Now in real life, I would never want a jumpsuit (and I would definitely not wear the Space like Jumpsuit Tyra is sporting in the picture above). In fact, I cannot tell you how much I despise seeing some women in ill fitted jumpsuits. I hate it because it does not hide much of their body. And believe me some of them may need to hide some instead of flaunting some (like this 40 something big booted lady I saw at Walmart last week. She was wearing a tight chambray halter cargo jumpsuit. The front was lovely but as soon as she turned I was horrified to see dangling jelly from her love handles and two fat buns)
I had a change of heart when I realized that there are different styles of jumpsuit and there will probably be one that will suit me. I have to say that seeing the style on the following celebs did influence me. Tyra has been sporting jumpsuits during ANTM cycle 14. And Corine Bailey Rae had won one on all her TV appearances to promote her second album.
However, the fatal blow came when I started noticing the Jumpsuit all around me. All of a sudden, it was the only thing I could see. Last week, just by walking in a Walmart, I saw at least 3 women wearing different types. And this week, two styles had been sported by the women of the View. It is like I cannot hide from it. The Jumpsuit wants me and it is going to get me.
Growing up, the only jumpsuits I had on were overalls. I loved them and do not ask me why. I still would wear them if they were not out of style. Now, I have to admit that I am a bit afraid of the style because you have to have confidence to sport a jumpsuit. And I do not.
But, just in case I would give in to the trend, here are the things I would look for:
- probably a black jumpsuit and not only because they say that black is slimming. I would go for black because it is a safe choice. Black goes with pretty much everything. And since buying a jumpsuit is somewhat daring for me, I would like to stick to a color that is at least safe.
- I would love for the jumpsuit to be either in cotton or linen. I know linen can wrinkle easily but I have so much love for the material. It screams Summer to me. Cotton is another safe choice for me and contrary to linen, it can be easily washed. I will definitely stay away from all shiny and too stretchy material such as polyester and Lycra.
- I do not want the jumpsuit to be too tight, but I do not want it to look like an overall as well. It could be hard to find the right balance. Basically as long as the jumpsuit does not stick to my butt and thighs, I will be good.
- I still cannot decide about the style on the top. Sometimes I think that sleeves and deep V are so classy, yet strapless is edgy as well. I reckon that If I was a true daredevil, I would go for an asymmetrical shoulder with ruffle on it like the one Chili wore when she got stood up by Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas during her show. (I still have to find out who design the jumpsuit and a photo of it).
- The Jumpsuit will definitely have wide legs. I like the cargo style, but I want to stay away from everything that will clench at my calf or ankles. I like when things flare away from my body.
So, the hunt will start. Tomorrow, I will hit my favorite places. If I have time, I will also check my local Goodwill. With any luck I may find some Jumpsuit from the disco era. I can already picture myself wearing the jumpsuit with my fav new gladiator wedge.

Jumpsuit styles I think are cute but would never wear

A two toned jumpsuit (Corrine Bailey Ray performing for Regis and Kelly- Still have to find out who designed the Jumpsuit. Please tell me if you know.)

A floral jumpsuit (Rihanna in Stella McCartney)

A military style jumpsuit

A chambray jumpsuit (Keri Hilson wearing Mathew Williamson)

A one shoulder jumpsuit (Asos)

A ruffle one shoulder jumpsuit (Asos)

So what about you, ladies? Do you dare to step into a jumpsuit?

Click this site for a collection of different Jumpsuits.



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