Fashion Diary: Spring Awakening Update

Last week, I started a new thing on this blog called Fashion Diary. My first entry was about an outfit suitable for spring that I was going to wear to my doctor's appointment/ anniversary dinner. However, since I always change my mind, I did not wear the exact same thing on the day. This is what I wore:

- Derek Heart tube dress, Ross $8
- Uniqlo sweater $40
- Joey O red peep toe slingbacks, Ross $12.99
- Zara brown belt, gift
- Chiffon beige scarf, Joa Jewels $2.99
- Satin bows headband, Ross $3.99
- Gold chain, gift
- Brown bag, CVS pharmacy $30

I decided to switch from the longer sweater to the shorter because I felt the previous made my butt look bigger. Besides, the shorter version looks more refined and classy. It looks like cashmere, although it is not.
The peep toes slingbacks are a nice addition because contrary to the white platforms, I feel comfortable in them. And the patent makes the shoes pop.

The brown bag was purchased at CVS two years ago. It was a bag filled with make up kits and other small make up bags. Although the bag does not have an over the shoulder strap, I find it perfect as a diaper bag or travel bag because it is big and stylish.

Finally, I have been obsessed with headband for a while without really having the courage to go for it. This time I mustered the courage to associate a light beige scarf with a dark brown headband with two bows. I feel like a little princess with it.

So what outfit you think is better?


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