Outfit Planner: Malaysia (update- or what I really wore)

I am back from a week of R&R in Langkawi, Malaysia. Did not do much except eat a lot, sleep a lot, and play by the pool with the kids. I have never been on a vacation when I slept so much. But I am not complaining. It was laid back. No need to go sightseeing, no need to go into the tourist traps. Just plain laziness.
A while ago, I posted what I thought I will have to take with me for the trip, outfit wise. And I managed to take everything I wanted to, with slight alterations. I was supposed to take pics of my every day outfit, but for some reasons, I completely forgot about it. But here is what I wore.

- For the trip, I opted to go for a blouse I had for a while. The texture reminds me of silk although it is polyester. I paired it with my skinny jeans and a long beige cardigan. I wore my black flats during the trip but had to go with the beaded tongs at the airport because my feet swell on the plane. It was such a long trip, thank GOD I had the genius idea to put the tongs in my carry on.

- The first two days of our stay, I wore my white MNG pants and some white tee-shirt in the morning. We were just hanging by the pool all day so I did not want to dress up. But for diner that we decided to take at the night market some miles away from the hotel, I wore my black and white flower maxi dress and a white scarf. I also had the same outfit when we had diner at a shack by the beach called Aliyah where they serve fresh and delicious seafood.

After diner from Aliyah restaurant, in the hotel lobby with my son. I am wearing a beige and golden sequin tank top, the black and white flower maxi dress, a black bolero and white scarf.

- The 3rd day, I wore my fuchsia tunic and white maxi skirt. We went into the city to do some shopping. And I manage to get some goodies that I will talk about later in the post. For the diner, at another night market, I wore my skinny jeans and a long white tunic from Mossimo that was too big for me but that I loved because it was super adequate with the humidity and heat.

Mossimo blouse, black tank top, Shasa beaded necklace and skinny jeans (inside the hotel room)

I wore the same outfit the following morning for breakfast before changing into my made up Burqini (grey sweat pants and white tee shirt) to hang by the pool.

A small view of my made up Burqini (white tee with a swimsuit top underneath, black scarf and grey sweatpants)

-The 5th day, I wore the same maxi skirt but this time I paired it with a beaded sleeveless top and a black bolero. I added a white scarf and sunhat for a walk by the jetty at midday.

My stroll at the jetty with my baby

In this pic that I took in the lobby in front of our room because I liked the painting, I removed the scarf. You can see a bit of the beading neckline of my top.

That night, we had diner at the hotel again so I wore my maxi tube dress, and my black bolero. I also added a long brown scarf just to be on the modest side. It seems some people appreciated my sense of style. After diner we took a stroll on the jetty and an Indian woman on holiday with her family asked to take a picture with me. I was very flattered.

the pic is not clear but I am wearing the tube maxi dress with the black bolero, a white scarf with red flowers and my brown scarf.

- The last day, for the trip back home, I wore my skinny jeans, my white tee and the cardigan. This time, I did not even bothered with the flats. I just wore my plastic tongs that I had been wearing all week long with the matching bag. And I hit the jackpot because I was super comfy at the airport and on the plane. Moreover, it was not a hassle to remove my shoes at the check point before boarding. Sandals and flip-flops can seem a bit too casual but the days when I needed to dress up for a flight are over I guess. My Father who is a travel agent always taught us that we need to be proper when we travel. So, whenever we would travel by plane, we would always dress up. He says that you never know who you may meet, therefore you had to be on your best behavior and best suit. Moreover, if there was a chance to be upgraded to business or even first class, they would never do it if we were wearing tank tops and flip-flops. I reckon he is right. But nowadays, I just cannot be bothered. Sorry Dad! But when you travel for 36 hours with two children under 4, being classy does not matter anymore. Being super comfy, does!

Anyway, as I said earlier, I managed to do a little shopping both a Langkawi parade mall and the night market. The mall was this small thing of three floors with nice little shops. Nothing fantastic or fancy. But I had excepted it, having gone to Langkawi before. I found some nice pieces and practically for nothing. I bought these cute sandals in a very stylish shop.

Embroidered sandals

They cost barely $3. They were on sale actually.

I also bought this Malay style batik dress for $5.

Malay Style Batik Dress (or Caftan)

Cute Flower print

It is a jewel and I cannot wait to wear it. My husband said that for the price I should have gotten at least 10 of them and wear them all through the summer. That was a great idea but somehow, he did not follow through by giving me the 150 Ringit (or $50) I needed to do so (LOL). For the trip, I just took $80 with me because I did not want to shop crazy. My motto has been "Savings" lately and I want to stick to it. I just told myself that if GOD will, and if Malaysia is still there, I will have a chance to return there and maybe go on a shopping spree like the last time I was there with my best friend. At the end of our shopping trip at the mall, I bought cotton pyjama style outfits for my babies with Tom& Jerry and Popeye drawings. So cute!
At the night market, I was on the hunt for Hijabs. I bought some expensive one at the mall and wanted some more for less. I bought at least 3. I wanted one with some sparkle and one with some prints.

All the Hijabs and scarves I bought

All the time that I stayed in Langkawi, I observed the Malay women. They were not afraid of bold prints and even to mismatched them. And I wanted to channel them. However, when it was time to buy the Hijab, I asked myself the same question I ask myself whenever I am about to buy something bold: "Will I really wear it?" And the answer was "no". So I just scored a black Hijab with sparkles (I am still not sure I will wear it), a brown and beige printed one (subtle print), a color block one (grey and hot pink, my favorite so far), and two scarves (pink and beige-somehow I always buy the same color; it is like I am programmed to do it).

Black Hijab with crystals at the top...

but also at the bottom and the back

Colorblock Hijab

Obviously, I wanted some more Hijabs. I had seen some so suitable for winter at the mall. They were heavy knitted one just like sweaters. But as I was trying them one, my baby was screaming. I had to answer his demands and put the shopping on hold.

Was my trip satisfying? Not at a hundred percent. I wished I had time to get myself pampered at the hotel spa. But I am not complaining. I had a great time, and ate so much I am afraid of weighing myself. I definitely want to return. But next time, I will ditch the kids and maybe the husband. Nothing is more fun than a trip with a bunch of lady friends. Don't you think so?


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