You do not swim in my bathtub, so I will no longer piss in your pool

I have been going through some changes lately. I was getting bored with my blog and I wanted to change it a bit. I had been checking other fashionistas' blogs. I grew envious because their blogs seemed fun and interesting. Moreover, they had so many followers. I wanted the same and I thought that by incorporating some of the things they had in their blogs in mine, I would get popular.
However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had lost myself in this new change of blog. I started this blog for my own fun. I wanted to do something that was for me, to escape the daily routine of motherhood. At first, my intent was never to get followers or people to appreciate my work. It was just a guilty pleasure, an outlet. But now, it seems I have fallen into the temptations of wanting an audience. I am taking pictures of myself and posting my outfits, trying to show myself as a true fashionista.
My blog is not about that. My blog is not about what other people like. My blog is about what I like. I am no fashion writer or editor with an assignment to complete. I am my own writer and editor. I may take suggestions from friends and write on a certain topic. But at the end of the day, this blog is all about me.
Therefore, I am done with trying to be like others. I ma do me. I am not entirely sure what is me yet, but I will figure it out soon enough.


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