Power Walk

I decided that since I was broke (and in debt), I will not shop for any clothes, accessories whatsoever for a long time (how long, GOD only knows). I will have to make do with the things that I already own, and keep dreaming of the fabulous things I want so much for this season. I was very strong willed particularly when after clear thinking, I could not remember the last time I stayed a whole two months without buying clothes. It was about time that I try to save money, because after all as much as I love clothes, they are probably not worth loosing my kids college fund or my future Escalade over them.

My plan fell in the toilet last Sunday when we went to the Galleria mall with my husband, one of his colleague from Canada and my kids. The Galleria or Simon mall is a mall that host very high end shops such as Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo. However, they also have the usual suspects: the Gap, Zara, Aldo and the ones that I can afford: Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe and Payless. I like the Galleria because it is big and diverse. The free air conditioning during Summer does not hurt either. Back when we used to live near the Galleria, we would go there twice a month just to walk around. But since we moved, I cannot tell you the last time I have been there. That is why after a copious lunch, I suggested going to the Galleria to shed some calories.

Soon after arriving, I ditched the boys and went window shopping on my own. I really did not want to buy anything. I just wanted to check things out. And thank GOD, I did not find anything going crazy for. I just realized that the trends I have been following recently were on point: I saw so many denim shoes, exotic prints dresses that I got dizzy. But they were not my style. Over at Nine West, I found some Gladiator Sandals that were not too high for me. But, I could not purchase them because how can I explain the $79 price tag to my bank? I know my motto for 2010 is to just live. But let us be real, how much can I keep on living when I keep spending like I do (or did) without an income? I left Nine West telling myself that I may be luckier hitting Ross some other day.

I walk for hours in the entire mall. I even went into Macy's to check their shoes racks and Michael Kors. The entire time I was walking, I was also checking out people around me, particularly the ladies. Some were dressed really sexy wearing rompers and flat sandals. Some were harboring maxi dresses. I was so inspired and envious of it all. Then I saw a black sister wearing a black sleeveless jumpsuit. The fabric seemed to be in linen. The look was so laid back and simple. It made me feel like buying a jumpsuit. As you know, the jumpsuit look is not really for me. Or at least that is what I thought because I am way too curvaceous to let it all hang like that. But as I discovered recently, the jumpsuit comes in all sizes and shapes. It does not necessarily have to be tight. In fact, the one the girl was wearing was fitted at the bust but was wide at the waist and thighs. It reminded me of a cotton jumpsuit I saw on sale at Charlotte Russe for $4 back in March. I tried it on and it was large enough to camouflage all the extra fat. But the bust was a little loose so I decided to let it go. I regret it a bit. For $4, I could have gotten it and tweak it a bit. I think when I shop, I do not always look at the big picture. They say, you should think of ways to coordinate the outfits or where to wear it. In reality, I just get something and try to work it out later. And If I don't find a way to work it out, I give it away or sell it or keep it in hopes. That is crazy I know.

Anyway, the more I window shopped, the more I realized that walking around the Galleria is very good exercise. Since I had my second child, I have been so much out of shape. I would love to work out but I am so lazy. I hate running, or anything that is routine. I prefer to do fun exercise routines like Yoga, Belly dancing or Bollywood dancing. That is my kind of scene. And I could do them all for free in front of my TV set. I have no excuse not to. So the real exercise I get these days is when my husband drags me to the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. You can imagine that walking around the Galleria mall is way more fun than walking around a park full of ducks. Because as much as I appreciate nature and its beauty, looking at clothes and shoes and accessories is way more inspiring. I did not even feel tired after walking non stop for 3 hours (that is until my shoes starting to give me blisters).

Speaking of accessories, I ended my power walk at the Galleria by checking their newest Charming Charlie. Well, it has been a year since I was at the Galleria so I am not sure how new the store was. Anyway I could not leave without checking it out. I love Charming Charlie because all of their stuffs are color coordinated. And depending on the store location, the prices are not too crazy. I used to shop at the one in Harwin and I always find something very cheap. Last year before going home I bought accessories for family members and some for myself for less than $20. Now the ones in Sugar Land Town Square and Galleria do not offer that much bargain but they are still pretty to look at. I went in looking for the bargain section which was relatively small. I was about to leave when I saw it. And I bought two bib necklaces in same style but different colors for $3.75 each and a exotic print bangle for a $1. Actually since I have a membership card I had the whole set with 5% discount.
I left the mall not hundred percent satisfied but happy and really exhausted. I just wish that someday I make enough money to go back and shop at all the fancy places I like. I would start off with Victoria Secret for some lingerie and bras, check Coach for a basic tote bag, look for a sheath dress at Michael Kors and hit up Nine West for some crazy sandals. I would also check Macy's for perfume and make up. And If I have some money left I will shop for my kids at Children's place and buy some shoes and watch at Steve Madden and Swatch for my hubby. But I am just dreaming....

Side Note:

Things I found cute at the mall and would have bought if I had money to waste:

Charlotte Russe Tribal Print Tube Dress $28.00

Loft Fern Print Maxi Dress $98

Nine West Idelistic Sandals in brown $69.99

Wet Seal Beaded sandals $24.50

Wet seal Wooded Bead Tank $20.50

White House Black Market Cobalt Tie-Dye Maxi Dress $198

And things I bought at Charming Charlie

Necklace and matching earings in gold

Note that I reinvent the necklace by adding two silk ribbons at the end. I made myself a bib necklace (no need to go buy one now). If you want to learn how to make your own, check this website

Same necklace and earrings but in Lavender

Exotic bangle

info about the Galleria

info about Charming Charlie


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