I dream of Denim

I am in mood for shopping (when have I never been in the mood for shopping?). It is Spring, and there are tons of items that I want hanging in my closet by the end of this season. In fact, since January, I have made a list of clothes I want to purchase for this spring/summer but I never stick to it. I get distracted by pictures on fashion magazines, on my favorite shops online sites, of my friends on Facebook and most recently of fashion bloggers. These pictures distract me but they also inspire me.
A new subject of inspiration for me is denim. I had a craving for denim things, particularly jeans for a long time now. I own several pairs of jeans in every style and shape. But the denim that I particularly want right now is a denim that I used to wear when I was a teenager and for some reasons it is back in style in a more modern way.

- Denim Maxi dress:
Two weeks ago, I was browsing pictures of friends of friends on Facebook. I came across a picture of a beautiful lady wearing a halter maxi dress in light denim. The dress was simple but so beautiful. And it fit her perfectly. She had a shaved head in the picture and the complete style gave her an edge. I have been wanting a denim dress ever since.
The last time I had a denim dress, I was barely 20 years old. I bought this short denim dress that looked like an overall in dark denim with cute flowers and butterfly accents. The dress made me feel sexy because it was so short it was almost impossible for me to ride my bicycle. But when I look back on it, I guess it made me look like a teenager. I loved the dress and although it may have been a bit inappropriate I wore until it did not fit me anymore.

Arden B denim maxi dress

This time, the dress I want will be suitable for me approaching 30. I will be looking for either a dark wash or a light wash. Moreover I will opt for the maxi dress that it very flattering and modest enough to cover some of my curves.
Dots offers a range of denim dresses but they are short and very sexy. Forever 21 and Gap also have some denim dresses in stores.

Junior denim maxi dress available at Walmart.com for $16

- Floor length denim skirt:
Ever since I can remember I always own a denim skirt. I had two that I absolutely adored one ragged one and another in black denim with a huge flower. They were knee length and very form fitting. I liked the style but for some reasons I always dreamed of a long A line denim skirt. The first time I saw the style it was on one Kuwaiti classmate. The girl was a hijabi therefore she would always cover herself. She owned several denim or cargo skirts that were A line but also very long. She revealed to me that she bought most of them at Zara Kuwait. I remembered that I dreamed of shopping at Zara Kuwait because there were no other place in Japan (where I lived at that moment) where I could find such skirts.
Recently, I found one at my goodwill. It was dark wash A Line skirt with a dusty rose satin bow at the waist. The skirt was pretty but a bit short for me. I am still on the look out for it.

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- Denim shirt dress:
The denim shirt dress was very fashionable in my teens. Every hipster teenager owned one back home. Back in those days they were huge and not very flattering I may add. Nowadays, women can find pretty classy and simple denim shirt dress. Gap offers some that are very simple. I wonder with what kind of pants, I can rock them with. Denim on denim is a big no no. So I guess a nice pair of white slacks would do.

Merona® Women’s Shirred Waist Shirtdress - Denim available at Target.com for $24.99

- Denim shoes:
Every where I look now, I see plenty of denim shoes. Some are high heeled gladiator style, some are flats. Some have even an interesting combination between denim and cork. I admit that they are different and I cannot stop thinking about getting a sandal for this spring summer. Whether the heel will be short or high will depend on how comfortable the shoes can be.

Lindy Platform Pumps available at Forever21.com for $22.80

I used to own a pair of denim wedge. There were the first expensive shoes I purchased when I moved in Japan. They were barely $50. I do not remember the brand but I had those shoes for a long time. I would wear it every where because they were super comfy. But someday, out of the blue (it was one of those days where I had the giving bug), I just decided to hand it down to one of my relatives. Come to think of it, I should have kept them. They were the best $50 I invested on shoes.

Denim Cork Wedge available at Wetseal.com for $29.50

Daniblack denim ballerina

- Denim leggings:
They call them Jeggings. Growing up, the faux jeggings were really hot. They were leggings in cotton but looked like acid wash jeans. Every girl had to have a pair. I remember receiving a pair from a classmate during a secret Santa party.
Actually I already bought a pair of jeggings but they are not the real deal because they are in cotton and for some reason they do not fit me properly. What is this story about leggings not fitting? you may ask. The truth is that they are wide on my ankles. Therefore, I will be looking for jeggings that resemble to skinny jeans except this time they will hug me from waist to ankles.

Jeggins available at Urbanoutfitters.com


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