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Today, the Early Show had a segment on brand new shoes in time for spring. The shoes were over the top, between beautiful and outrageous depending on your taste.
check it out here:

The topic made me think about my own shoes. I have been buying a lot of shoes lately, some for me, some for my business. However, I never get enough of shoes and I am still on the lookout for something cute. The problem with the shoes I own actually, is that they are too generic. There is nothing that pops except from the color. I always go for a classic look. There is no detail nor embellishment that would take my shoes to another level.
However, for this Spring/ Summer I am willing to change. I want to go out there. I want to wow myself. In other words I want to take a big bite of what they call life and just enjoy myself. And these great shoes will help me with that:

- Jeweled (or Bejeweled) peep toes
I love a pump. In fact I own several pumps in neutral colors such as black and brown. However, I want the next pumps I will purchase to stand out. And what better way for pumps to stand out that when they have embellishments such as crystals on them. Actually I already bought a pair of pumps just like that. They are black Nicole pumps with a bow and jewels on them. I bought the same pair with my best friend who had the grey ones. They were on sale for $9.99. I like the shoes but to be honest, the grey ones are far better looking than the black ones. Therefore, I think I will put them aside for my business. And look for something better.

Nine West Women's 'Jon' Peep-toe Pumps
available at $46.99 at

- Exotic Skin Gladitators
I am still looking for the perfect gladiator heel with no success. I want them not too high, not too curvy, not too expensive and with an exotic skin like lizard or crocodile.
A combination of these two BCBG shoes would be perfect.

BCBGeneration Women's 'Kassidia' Snake Print Gladitor Heels available at for 69.99

BCBG girls Brandise

But these are more like me, cute and comfy. I saw them at Marshalls for $15 and then at Ross for $11.99. I would have purchased them if they were in my size. Sniff, sniff!

Franco Sarto Phuket sandal

- Satin pumps with ruffles, or rosettes
Two years ago, inspired by the Sex and the city royal blue Manolo Blahnik bejeweled pumps, I bought some Nina peep toe pumps. I loved the shoes but I never found an occasion to wear them. (Well, I had a chance during my brother in law's wedding but I was too tired to even try them on). And unlike Carrie Bradshaw I cannot just wear my satin pumps with a pair of jeans for a casual day. That is why after careful thinking, I just sold them. This time, I will look for a satin pump in an easier color to match like red with an extra something something such as a ruffle or rosette.

Kate Spade Clarice

Touch of Nina Women's Fencel Black

These are my favorite but I want them in red. I saw them at Ross for $29.99 last fall. I wanted them but I thought I could get them for less if I waited a while since they always put stuff on sale there. However, I am sad to report that they are no longer available. If ever I find them in the future I will buy them without looking at the price because when you compare them online, $30 is nothing.

- Hardware details (zipper, studs,sequins)
It is all about hardware recently in fashion. People are no longer afraid to add hardware to soft looks like a rosette zipper to a plain white tee. I am all for the hardware details because it looks different and edgy.
I am in love with these velvet studded pumps available at forever 21.

Studded Velvet Pump available at for $25.80

I hate booties but for this pair of sequins I could make an exception

Sika ankle boot at for $11.99

Denim and zipper sandal! I have nothing to say except scream: Super Edgy....

Denim ruffle zipper trim heel available at for $24.20


Oh my god! I own those Red Kate Spade shoes!!!!!!!!!! Except they are open toed!

And girl, I loveth me some Ross!
Assy said…
I know! I saw them on your blog and fell in love with them. However I may not get them since they are way too pricey for me. I will stick with Nina shoes ....
Anonymous said…
No man is wise at all times.

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