If only I could afford that Chanel Tweed Jacket

I do not know what got into me. Maybe it is the change of weather (Spring is finally here with its warm temperatures and blooming flowers)? Maybe it is just realizing that my blog is so blah...? I do not know but I needed to do something to change it a bit. So along with changing the templates, adding a few gadgets to the layout, I am creating a new page. I would like to call this page: "If only I could afford that"
In this page, I will talk about all the good things I want to have but cannot afford.
The first posting is about the Chanel Tweed Jacket in Pink.
I am not a person who is into brands. I like clothes whether they have labels or not. However, I feel a bit different about brands like Chanel. I find their clothing and accessories very feminine yet classy. I always think that even if I become filthy rich, I am not one to invest in $5000 clothes. Yet, I know that I could go the extra mile for a Chanel Tweed Jacket. The Jacket is so old, yet so modern at the same time. And you could dress it up with a pair of white slacks or dress it down with a pair of jeans. I could see myself attending an event like a fundraising wearing the tweed jacket. And since it is one of those items that never go out of style, and look good on every woman whether they are 20 or 60, I could see myself wearing it for a long time (and who knows passing it on to my daughter)

Other things I love made by Chanel
Chanel Flap Bag :

I absolutely adore the flap bag in white. I used to own a replica when I was 8 (or maybe it was the real deal, I would not know). One of my favorite aunt gave it to me. And I used it only on special occasion like a relative christening or first communion. The rest of the time, it was locked up in my mother's closet (To this day, I still do not know what became of this bag).

Chanel n 5:

is also one of my favorite perfume. Yet, I do not own it. I used to steal some from my mother's vanity. Smelling Chanel n 5 meant being a classy and sophisticated woman

Chanel pearls:

I saw one set I adored in the Devil wears Prada. Anne Hathaway character was wearing it when she was going through her makeover along with some wide pants and a tweed hat to complete the look. Breathtaking....


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