Fashion Diary: A little grey

It is spring, but I still feel like wearing dark colors. Today I am going out to the mall for some shopping. I wanted to wear something casual that I could take off easily if I wanted to try clothes on.
Here is today' s outfit:

-Paris Blues Skinny Jeans $11.99
-En focus bubble sleeveless dress Ross $8.99
-One Clothing grey shawl sweater Ross $9.99
-Black cotton shawl Walmart $5
-Valley Lane black flats Ross $4.99
-Silver chunky belt worn as a necklace (I had it for so long, I do not even remember where I bought it)
-Orange stone fashion ring (I had it for so long, I do not even remember where I bought it)

In find it dark, very dark and not really suitable for this Spring. I wanted to wear a white tee with the outfit. However I could not find my simple white tee that comes up to my knee and covers my big butt and huge thighs (that is why it pays to have an organized closet). Therefore, I went for a sleeveless bubble dress in leopard print. I originally bought this dress to sell it as part of my business, but nobody wanted it(I still do not know why). That is why I kept it for myself. It is a little big but it was perfect to camouflage my belly when I was pregnant.

Encouraged by my best friend, I bought these skinny jeans. And I have been wearing them ever since every time I step out of the house. They are not that tight; in fact I can wear them with ease. But, they still stick to my booty. That is why, I always wear them with something long enough. I absolutely adore them and was happy with the purchase.
The accessories I chose to complete the look are a black cotton shawl worn as a head scarf

a metallic belt I wore as a necklace, some leather black flats and an orange stone fashion ring. I had this metallic belt for more than 6 years and probably never wore it. I decided to try it as a necklace after seeing so many similar chain necklaces on TV.

The shoes are brand new. I bought them less than a week ago at Ross. As you can see in the picture, they were really cheap. I could not resist considering that I have flats in every color possible except black. I was thinking of adding some golden studs to it to make it even more trendier. However, I am still tempted to leave them as they are. They are so cute and simple.

And the fashion ring was added to bring a pop of color to this outfit.

(God!I am definitely never going to make it as a hand model lol)

Update: I finally went out and bought a cream top that will cover my ass in those skinny jeans. it is very wide, and has some lace detail in the back. Therefore, I am vamping my outfit to be more spring suitable with the cream top. Which outfit you prefer?

Cream top with lace detail in the back


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