Fashion Diary: Spring Awakening

I want to start something new with this blog. So far I have been blogging about what I like or do not like about Fashion. However, from now on I want to add some spice: I will blog about my own clothes (recently purchased or already owned) and how I can mix and match them to fit certain events of just ordinary days out of the house. I thought about doing it just to break from the routine of my dressing habits. Every time that I step out of the house, I always opt for a pair of jeans, sweaters and sneakers or flats. But If I have to take a picture of my outfit and post it on this site, it will help me up the ante and start dressing up a bit more. In reality, I also hope that this innovation would interest some of my readers, and help me attract more of them.
I would like to call this new page: Fashion Diary.
The first fashion diary outfit I would like to call Spring Awakening
is the following:

- Knee Length beige sweater Walmart $10
- Tube Maxi Dress, Ross dress for less, $8
- Skinny brown belt, Zara (gift)
- White Peep toe platform shoes, Payless, $4 at local Goodwill

I love this ensemble. The dress is very summery even though I find the color palette to be good for fall as well. It is a tube dress, which I hesitated before buying because I cannot wear it alone for religious reasons. But against my usual good judgement, I decided to get it and find out later how I could coordinate it. I was happy to find waiting for me in my closet a sweater to pair it with. I have other cardigans I may try with the dress as well. During the heat wave of Houston, I may even pair the dress with a plain white or beige tee-shirt.
I always wanted to try wearing a belt over dresses or cardigans ever since it became trendy around town. But for some reasons I did not dare to do so. I previously tried this ensemble with a bolder belt and it did not work at all. So I went for the skinnier type, which is a nicer addition.

I absolutely adored the shoes which are barely pictured here. ( I will have to invest in a tripod to take better pictures) They are really high but I can still walk in them because they are platform shoes. I intended to buy them at Payless last year but I was afraid that they were too high. However, during a shopping spree at the local Goddwill to celebrate my birthday, I could not resist them any longer when they smile at me. I wore them only once before but I did not regret the $4 I invested.
I will have to add a bag and a scarf to my garment. I may go for a red or white scarf and a brown crocodile bag. With these color palettes, the sky is the limit. No, let me rephrase that, I have many colors to choose from, granted they are not pink or green...I may be trying to be bold, but I am not quite there yet.

But this is only planning. I hope to wear it next time I go out, which is for my doctor appointment this thrusday/ anniversary dinner (I hope my husband will take me the way should I just hope or drop the hint to him that I want to celebrate?)

So what you think of this outfit I called Spring Awakening?


Anonymous said…
superbe. I love the dress. Not the usual pink spring but light enough (especially with the white shoes) to make you realize that warmth is arund the corner.All the best ma chere.

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