Shoes that make me feel FA-BU-LOUS

I love shoes. Anyone who knows me very well will tell you that I adore shoes. There are several reasons why I adore shoes. They can brighten your outfit, or make it dressier. Moreover, if you chose the right pair, it will always fit you. Shoes are not like clothes; they will never betray you by becoming too small or too big (well, in truth, clothes do not betray you, you betray them by loosing or gaining weight). Shoes stay the way they are, beautiful.

I adore purchasing shoes, even though I am not very rich. And the irony is that with all the shoes I buy yearly, I just wear two or three. I probably own 40 pairs of shoes, but I just wear up to 7 pairs a year. I actually own a pair I bought 3 years ago, but it is still sleeping in my closet. I wear the shoes around the house, to try them on or just to play dress up ( I still play that game at my age). When I showed them to my best friend, she asked for them. But I refused. The truth is that I love this particular pair. It is a pointy toe pump made of brown suede with colorful flowers embroidered on the upper part. They are so beautiful and fancy. They just scream "party". But they are also very painful on my left foot. They are a bit tight. Well, they were a bargain, so there was no way I would let them go (even though they were killing me). To be beautiful, you have to suffer and I am ready. Just find me a great occasion (like a cocktail party or a black tie envent) where I could silently cry of pain while everybody else admire my shoes.

I love high heels but I cannot wear them. I look akward in them. And I am almost sure that I cannot properly walk with them. I stumble sometimes and it is a bit embarrassing. When I see Beyonce, with high heels on strut herself and dance like a wild lioness on stage, I could not help but wonder how she does it.
Moreover, high heels just put a strain to your feet. After some minutes walking in them, I feel like my legs are being stretched through a torture machine. That is why, I prefer to wear flats (ballet, flip flop, any kind...)Some can be very pretty and they are easy to wear. You could walk many miles in them without being tired or having blisters. One word: COMFORTABLE.

I am thinking of getting a colorful "springy" pair like this one above very soon (in a orange tone). PS: This one is from Target.

Nevertheless, I keep on buying high heels. I am lying to myself by telling myself these absurd sentences: "Michelle, you are a grown woman and it as about time that I wear high heels". Or "You will need them for a party or an outing back home" (where everyone likes to dress up even to go to the grocery store). And they end up being forgotten in the bottom drawer of my wardrobe.

Lately, I bought another pair or high heels. They are bright yellow strappy sandals with a cork heel. They are just GLAMOROUS. I feel tall in them, and the bright color is perfect for spring and summer or gloomy winter (who cares when I wear them as long as they make me feel happy). I can walk in them (I have not tried a mile yet, but I can manage around the office and drive with them), they are not too tight. They are just perfect. I love them so much that I feel like wearing them everyday. I cannot wait for the next time I would strap them on and feel FABULOUS. I have not had a pair of shoes that made me feel this way since....forever.


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