Outfit Planner for Hawaii

I am planning a trip to Hawaii with my family very soon. I always wanted to visit Hawaii. I remember back in college, I was trying to convince my best friend to go with me. But she refused after realising that it would have cost us a fortune to travel down there.
So, I hope that this time is the best to check out Aloha country. My husband is actually excited about going to the most beautiful beaches on this earth to snorkel and swim. My baby cannot express his opinion yet, but knowing him and knowing how much he loves water, he will be just fine.
As far as I am concerned, I am excited about the beach, the food, the sight-seeing and everything else Hawaii has to offer. However, as always I am more excited about the packing before the trip. I love packing for a trip, particularly to some exotic places like Hawaii. Before travelling, my husband managed to pack the night before we leave. As for myself, I start the process 3 to 4 weeks before and I am not even done by the time the taxi arrives to take us to the airport.
Since I have plenty of time on my hands before we actually go, I wanted to properly plan my outfits this time. I found this interesting website in which they can help you plan your wardrobe for a business trip, vacation or just for everyday life. What I did is that I copied the ideas from the website and made my own outfit planner. I wanted to share it with you.

Day 1: Departure from Houston- Arrival to Hawaii
I like to travel very comfy, even if it is for a short time. So I always wear a pair of jeans, a blouse and ballet flats. I also carry an oversize bag because I need to pack the essentials me and my baby will need for the trip ( diapers, extra set of clothes, toys, medicine, extra bottles of milk, juice, water, make-up, accessories, sunglasses, and a book).
At the arrival, if my blouse is still clean and not too stinky, I could wear it for a quick walk around town. If the walk is not very long, I will change my flats for some bright yellow platform shoes, and add a little tribal touch with a scarf.

Day 2: The beach
For a day at the beach, the perfect sundress will do like this mustard dress. It is very light and simple. Moreover, it is made with cotton, so it will dry very quickly under the sun. What I like the best about this outfit is that you do not need to fuss a lot to be fabulous. On top of that, you can dress it down with some flip-flops or jelly sandals. And dress it up with these bronze flats.

Day 3: Sight-seeing in town
A simple wrap dress in white cotton will do just fine for a day of sight-seeing in town. I love the flower details of the dress. I am a bit scared about messing it up during lunch time or while playing with my toddler. I guess I will have to be extra-careful. Moreover, the flats are very comfy to walk around. The necklace adds a little classy zest to this outfit.

Day 4: The beach / Romantic dinner
For another time at the beach, I will go very "surfer dude" by wearing a large short in jean and a polo shirt. Add the flip-flop and it will be perfect.
For a romantic diner under the moonlight later on in the evening, a floor length sundress with bold flower prints will be just perfect . I may be dreaming but I guess that I will at least share a romantic time with my hubby (and baby) in some very exotic scene (like a restaurant near the beach, dining under the moon with my bare feet being caressed by the sand.....)

Day 5: Shopping (my favorite activity)
For a day of shopping, nothing is better than a comfy outfit like a short and flowy blouse. I will keep sandals on my feet so it will be easier for me to try on some shoes I may purchase. And if eventually we end up at the beach again, the outfit is also great for sand and sun. The blue accessories I added like the beaded choker, and dingling earrings brighten my outfit even more.

Day 6: Final day-return home
We will be leaving the island on this day. I may be tempted to wear my jean once again with an orange t-shirt, but I like to shake things up a bit by wearing a two-toned skirt. The skirt is very airy and looks sophisticated. It will make me look classy for the plane without looking like I put too much effort in it.

That is all I am planning to take with me along with beach towel, beach hat, sunscream, beach bag, endless diapers and baby clothes. You may ask if I will have enough space left in case I go wild in Hawaii and do some shopping. And I will tell you that if my husband will, I will never shop in Hawaii. But since he ain't GOD, I will pack an extra bag in my suitcase just in case....
I will keep you posted.


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