How to stay stylish in Summer (Pune Edition)

Well, it is officially Summer in Pune. It started crawling up on me two weeks ago but it became clear today. When I woke up at 6;20 AM feeling muggy, then looked at the temperature on the clock reading 29, I knew something was up.

 Summer in Pune is harsh with temperatures going as high as 40 degrees Celsius. You do not feel like going out at all.  You want to hide indoors with the AC on blast. Unfortunately for me, I have to go out at least once a day at 3 PM to pick up my kids from school, the hottest time of the day. The sun is high and blinding, and it feels like its rays are lasers trying to melt my body. I never knew heat could hurt until I came to Pune. To make matters worse, everyone, myself included is crabby and cranky. I get easily irritated in this heat so whatever you do, do not cross me because I cannot vouch for how I may react.

In all seriously, dressing up in the heat is also a major challenge. I cannot walk around naked even If I wanted to therefore I have to find ways to stay cool. My biggest problem is that I cover up. I layer most of the time which is perfectly fine when it is cold but draining in 40 degrees temperature.

The secret to stay cool as I recently found out relies on the following:

- Invest in cooling fabrics:

Cool fabrics

In Summer, cotton, silk, crepe silk, Khadi and Liva are your friends. Therefore if you must, buy items in those fabrics. A few tees or tunics that can be dressed up or down should suffice. Remember that you want fabrics that will let the air pass so stay away from man made materials like polyester. 

- Ditch the jeans:

Also, it is important to switch from jeans or heavy material bottoms like wool for breathable bottoms such as palazzos and cotton skirts. 

- Layer light: 

If you must layer, wear a light knit and airy cardigan or a cotton kimono on sleeveless blouses and dresses. For professionals, blazers in linen can help you stay sophisticated and cool as well. 

- Dreamy color palette:

 I am totally bias towards white, light blue and grey colors which is my basic summer palette. Then I like to add colors and prints with my outerwear and my scarves. But you can wear whatever color that suits your mood. Pastels for Summer are definitely trendy but bolder colors would not hurt either. 

- Minimal accessories:

Untitled #72

Cool accessories by sinnistre 

When it comes to accessories I keep a bag that is easy to wear and not heavy on the shoulders like a crossbody bag. And switch to a bigger basket bag when I run errands. I mostly live in chappals (Indian flat sandals) all through Summer except when I have a special outing then I switch to block heels sandals or wedges.  Moreover I keep my accessories to the minimal: nothing that is too tight or dangling or heavy. I go for metal that will not cause a rash on my skin like real gold and silver. On top of that, I wear scarves in cotton and tie them gently around my head like turbans. I ditch them for sunhats as well when the Sun is unforgiving. I know some women who even go as far as to carry a sun umbrella but I am not there yet. I prefer hats and sunglasses.

- Fresh Grooming:

Under the heat, it is also necessary to stay hydrated all day. Drinking lots of fluids that can boost the energy level like coconut water, lime water or even honey water is a life saver.

Summer care essentials

Moreover, I admit that I skip on moisturizing my skin during Summer but it as a major no no. If your cream is too heavy, store it for winter and get a lighter one with Spf like aloe Vera or cucumber moisturizing cream. Also, invest in a spritzer to hydrate your face when you are outside. Furthermore, Ditch all the heavy scented Cologne or perfume, for deodorant with light scent in vanilla or Mint. What I hate the most is heavy smells like musk in Summer. Do not even talk to me about make up as well. I stick to moisturizing my face with a light cream, brushing my eyebrows and a lip balm. If I must I will use a BB covering cream that is weightless and have some khol on my eyes and that is about it. As for my hair, I use an oil that doubles up as moisturizing cream to keep it healthy but light. Then proceed to wash it more often than I usually do with minted and tingling shampoo just to cool myself down. 

I may rant about how hot Summers are in Pune but truth be told I still prefer it to Winters. It is hard to wear anything really. And even if I follow all the tips mentioned above, it is still very trying to stay fresh and stylish under the heat. Yet I would not have it any other way. Summers for me means long hours playing outside, walking around blooming gardens, getting a dip in our pool, fresh drinks after heavy meals, interrupted siestas, and fairs all over the city. What is not to like?


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