How to wear a denim jacket

Hello everyone!

I am so happy because I finally purchased a denim jacket that has been missing in my life. I had a good denim jacket from the Gap in a beautiful deep blue color with a Chinese collar. I gave it away when I arrived in India because one of the sleeves was a bit torn (also it was a bit snug). I have been looking for a replacement ever since with no luck. A few months back, I saw one at a discount store. It is slightly big but it has pockets, and it is a tad distress with a stretchy fabric. It never really gets cold in Pune to rock a denim jacket but I am about to rock the s...out of this one. And here are a few styles to get me started:

Off to Belly dance class:

Scarf - Shivaji market
Denim jacket - Just brands
Embellished Tee - Old, Forever 21
Pants - Dmart
Chappals - Koregaon Park
Bag - M.G. road

Lunch date:

Felt hat - G.U.
Denim jacket - Just brands
Black floral dress - Sandaga market
Pumps - Much more
Bag - M.G. road
Ring - HM

 Girls night out:

Turban - Sandaga market
Sequin brooch - can't remember
Denim jacket - Just brands 
Dress - Brandmart 
Leggings - Clover center 
Shoes - Thrifted 
Clutch - M.G. road
Necklace and watch - gift

Family reunion:

Jersey scarf  worn as turban - Sandaga market
Denim jacket - Just brands
Top - Uniqlo
Jumpsuit - Thrifted
Clutch - Thrifted
Pumps - Much More
Floral chocker - gift

So what do you think? Obviously this was not a challenge at all since denim is versatile enough to go with everything. So take your denim jacket out. I know I will.


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