Closet Cravings: So fresh and so clean

It is Summer! It is hot! I want clean, light and fresh things!

March cravings

1- Black and white Kimono

I am falling in love with Keffiyeh prints. They are so different. Despite the fact that they have become trendy in the Fashion world, they represent so much more than that, notably the struggle of Palestinians. I just want a Kimono in the print because I like it but also I need a basic color kimono in my wardrobe (I have enough printed ones). I already own a red Keffiyeh my husband brought me from Makkah and somehow I find it wrong to turn it into a piece of clothing. So I will hunt for the print in black and white at the market and make myself a nice Summer Kimono.

2- Front wrap pants

I always liked flowy pants for Summer. But I am falling hard for a front wrap palazzo I saw at the market the other day. It is not like your average wrap pants, sarong pants or fisherman pants you see on every beach resort. It is a structured piece with a vibrant color (pink, sea blue, yellow and green were available), and a perfect cut. In brief, it was a sophisticated piece that  was in my size. However, I was struggling to figure out how to style it. When I do, those babies will be mine.

3-  Striped midi skirt

When I went to buy a fabric for a blouse to match my latest Saree, the seller show me a red and white cotton vertical striped fabric with building print at the end. It was so pretty, bright and perfect for the Summer. I did not snatch it because my goal was to get a blouse fabric. Now I just want to return there and grab at least 3 yards of it to make me a beautiful pleated midi skirt (and maybe a matching top?).

4- Shoes

When will I ever stop craving and or buying shoes? This month I long for Perforated wedges mules as seen on Payless and bronze sliders as seen at my local store. I really do not need them but they would make me so happy!

Let us see how well I do this month!


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