Thursday, April 30, 2015

Closet cravings:

New month, new cravings!
Hello May! Here we go:

Closet cravings May

1. Skinny jeans

I have one pair that I never wear because it is too tight. I am going to fix it but in the meantime I want one in dark denim or grey that is so comfy, I forget about my other jeans.

2. Pleated dress

This one is a pure covet and a regret. At Krabi airport I saw this lady wearing this neon green high low pleated dress. I am not a fan of the color but the dress is so light, I desired it. Fast forward to a day later, I find the similar dress at Chattujak market but in black. I ask for the price and it is cheap. I am worried about the size but it seems doable as well. But at the last minute I see a tiny hole. I bargain with the shop seller and she reduces the price a bit but not to my satisfaction. So I do not buy it. Now I regret it....I am sure I will never find a similar dress in black for that low a price anywhere else in the world let alone India but my fingers are crossed.

3. Oversized button down shirt

I want them in every color but I will settle for white, yellow, coral, royal blue and olive green. I may as well look for Indo western looks at the mall because I am sure I saw something similar there before. If not, I will wait until Bargain season and get men's kurta at Big Bazaar. They tend to have the same kind of shirt in every color and sometimes with lapels.

4. Shoes

For this summer I want white platforms and leopard printed canvas.

5. Tees (long sleeves)

I do not want this. I need this. I need plenty of long sleeves breathable cotton or jersey tee that I can build millions of outfits around. I am getting tired of layering my short sleeves tee with a cardigan. I favor them in black white and grey but you know I will go for a striped one if the price is right. Actually I already have them but I only used them in Winter. Maybe I should recycle the less heavy ones to see first.

6.  Bucket bag

Not only because they are trendy but they also are ladylike and seem practical. Plus I am lacking black and brown in my bag collection. Who knew!? 

It is funny how I have not managed to get one thing from my last closet cravings except mirrored sunglasses (I think that at three I am good now). But I am not rushing or anything. It usually takes me time to find the exact piece I am looking for. I rarely settle for color, shape or price because If I do, I may never wear it...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thailand Street Style (beach style and airport style included)

Hello again!

I know, I know. I have been only blogging about Thailand. But this one is my last, I promise.

Here are some of the pictures of people I snapped during my trip. Most of them were snapped without permission so I am sorry in advance if you recognize yourself. I am pretty shy to approach people and ask for pictures. But fear not, these pictures just show that I do admire your style even if I could not go and tell you myself. Most of them reflect what I would like to wear some day. And some other reflect  what I call "bold". 

I did want to snap so many more because I think Thai people are stylish, and that tourists do wear interesting things. However time and the fear of being discovered were the issues. Enjoy these though and tell me what you think!!!

Embroidered oversized shirt at Airport

Yellow blazer, maxi dress, pink bag and shoes..Never knew pink and yellow paired so well! 

Girls in Traditional Thai attire 

Beautiful printed pleated skirt 

Hijab Style

Man in crocs

Advanced style in Printed pants 

Playsuit and heels for breakfast

Ruffled dress at the beach 

Muslim love at the beach 

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Aonang Krabi in pictures


Another sunset

Beach in the morning

Colorful " long tail boat"  seats by the pool of our hotel

Pirate theme pool

Window in our room

Interesting painting at Bluemarine restaurant

Coconut fried rice at Bluemarine restaurant 

Paintings at a gallery (  I want the African child painting) 

First dinner: Shrimp pad thai

Choosing diner at Street stalls (all Muslim run and Halal) 

Shrimp Tempura, spring rolls and papaya salad

Watermelon "shake" : just ice, Watermelon and syrup 

Breakfast view at hotel

Fabulous beach on the other side of dangerous trail

Dangerous trail

Prop in our hotel

Railay beach 

Some Islands 

Phra Nang beach 

Sunbathing at Railay beach


Need a daybed like this in my house someday


House on the beach

Lanterns hanging high in the trees 

and at night 

Hello Kitty tuk tuk

Butterfly or shell? 

Shell art

Monday, April 6, 2015

What to wear during a vacation in a tropical destination or resort

 The last time I was on vacations was barely three months ago but I need another one. Maybe because I do not consider going home proper vacations. For me vacations mean going somewhere new to discover different cultures, cuisines and also do some bargain shopping. But it also means lounging poolside with a good book while watching my kids splash away, or enjoying the vibrant sights of the town I am visiting. It means white sands and blue sea, breezy mornings and hot afternoons with sometimes quick showers, or bustling night markets .

 Today I wanted to share with you my essentials to wear during a vacation in a tropical destination or resort. Most people go for minimal wear: short shorts, bikini tops, mini dresses and see through pants. But I am not most people.  I dress modest and my style will be reflected in the following:

The basics:
 I tend to over pack when I travel but recently I have learned to edit myself. One should always start with the basics or things that one cannot do without for a vacation. For me those things are:

the basics (for vacay)

Jeans, white tee, tote bag, colorful scarves, tunic dress and lightweight over sized cardigan.

They are things I would wear on the plane or car, on the way there. But more importantly I build my entire wardrobe around them once I arrive.

They are the clothes I mix and match with the basics to build outfits for my stay. I go for lightweight, breezy outfit that managed to be modest:


extras by sinnistre featuring a maxi dress

a maxi dress, a maxi skirt, a white or colorful kaftan/ tunic and a harem pants.

If I opt for a colorful maxi dress, I keep the rest of the items in basic color so it will be easy to mix and match. For example, if I put the kaftan on top of the maxi dress, I have a new way to wear my maxi that is modest. Recently I also discovered that a maxi shirt dress can get several wears on vacations. For example, unbuttoned it can serve as a cardigan over a white tee and black pants.

When it is hot I am not really into wearing accessories. But they do upgrade your entire look, so I always pack:


a sunhat, sandals, sunglasses, statement necklace, bangles or cuffs, dangling earrings or scoop earrings, and plenty of rings.

Shoes are always difficult for me because I want to pack all of mine. But basically all you would ever need is a good pair of sturdy sandals in a neutral color (preferably one that matches your tote bag). If you are going to a fancier hotel or plan to have diners in fabulous places, then pack some flashy sandals. Do not forget to pack tennis shoes or trekking shoes in case you want to work out at the hotel gym or do some trekking in the jungle if you are that type of girl (truth be told I am not so I never pack those kind of shoes) and flip flops that can get wet at the beach. I usually pack: ballet flats (for the trip), wedges (for nice places) and sandals (for everyday wear) depending on how long I stay.

Using these items, I spy at least 12 outfits you could rock for your vacations.

Mix and Match

How is that? Obviously if it is just a 5 days vacations or less, I suggest ditching some of the clothes ( loose the skirt and harem pants). Furthermore, if you are going to a tropical location, you may need to get the items mentioned above in natural fabric such as cotton, linen and silk that breathe better than man made materials. And remember to always leave room for clothes you may want to purchase once at port. I always enjoy finding a great maxi or tribal sandals at the local markets. So pack wisely!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Closet Cravings: In time for vacations

Hello dears!

This month closet cravings are all vacation related. My family and I are planning a trip to Thailand. It will be my third visit and I am exciting because this time we get to go to the beach, and not only stay in Bangkok like last time (read here). I really should not be shopping for this trip since I have plenty of resort ready clothes anyway. But I can still have cravings, right? And maybe I will find a way to get these items on my list without breaking the bank.

closet cravings: in time for vacations

1- Scarves in mint and coral
I have plenty of scarves but somehow I lack these two colors which are my favorite at the moment.

2- Fedora hat
Just because the sunhat I have is getting tired.

3- Denim jacket
This is a must because it goes well with everything and covers me on chilly nights.

4- White cotton or linen pants:
I had a thrifted pair that was so handy during my vacation in Kota Kinabalu three years ago (read here ) but it is too tight now. So I need to replace it.

5- Navy and white stripped tee
because I need one in this color and with long sleeves, after all it is a vacation staple.

6- Maxi skirts in coral, yellow and blue because these colors make me happy. I will try to make them myself. I would prefer for one of these skirts to be in jersey so it will not wrinkle in my suitcase. I already have the material for the blue one so I will be stitching it first.

So what are you craving this month?


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