What to wear during a vacation in a tropical destination or resort

 The last time I was on vacations was barely three months ago but I need another one. Maybe because I do not consider going home proper vacations. For me vacations mean going somewhere new to discover different cultures, cuisines and also do some bargain shopping. But it also means lounging poolside with a good book while watching my kids splash away, or enjoying the vibrant sights of the town I am visiting. It means white sands and blue sea, breezy mornings and hot afternoons with sometimes quick showers, or bustling night markets .

 Today I wanted to share with you my essentials to wear during a vacation in a tropical destination or resort. Most people go for minimal wear: short shorts, bikini tops, mini dresses and see through pants. But I am not most people.  I dress modest and my style will be reflected in the following:

The basics:
 I tend to over pack when I travel but recently I have learned to edit myself. One should always start with the basics or things that one cannot do without for a vacation. For me those things are:

the basics (for vacay)

Jeans, white tee, tote bag, colorful scarves, tunic dress and lightweight over sized cardigan.

They are things I would wear on the plane or car, on the way there. But more importantly I build my entire wardrobe around them once I arrive.

They are the clothes I mix and match with the basics to build outfits for my stay. I go for lightweight, breezy outfit that managed to be modest:


extras by sinnistre featuring a maxi dress

a maxi dress, a maxi skirt, a white or colorful kaftan/ tunic and a harem pants.

If I opt for a colorful maxi dress, I keep the rest of the items in basic color so it will be easy to mix and match. For example, if I put the kaftan on top of the maxi dress, I have a new way to wear my maxi that is modest. Recently I also discovered that a maxi shirt dress can get several wears on vacations. For example, unbuttoned it can serve as a cardigan over a white tee and black pants.

When it is hot I am not really into wearing accessories. But they do upgrade your entire look, so I always pack:


a sunhat, sandals, sunglasses, statement necklace, bangles or cuffs, dangling earrings or scoop earrings, and plenty of rings.

Shoes are always difficult for me because I want to pack all of mine. But basically all you would ever need is a good pair of sturdy sandals in a neutral color (preferably one that matches your tote bag). If you are going to a fancier hotel or plan to have diners in fabulous places, then pack some flashy sandals. Do not forget to pack tennis shoes or trekking shoes in case you want to work out at the hotel gym or do some trekking in the jungle if you are that type of girl (truth be told I am not so I never pack those kind of shoes) and flip flops that can get wet at the beach. I usually pack: ballet flats (for the trip), wedges (for nice places) and sandals (for everyday wear) depending on how long I stay.

Using these items, I spy at least 12 outfits you could rock for your vacations.

Mix and Match

How is that? Obviously if it is just a 5 days vacations or less, I suggest ditching some of the clothes ( loose the skirt and harem pants). Furthermore, if you are going to a tropical location, you may need to get the items mentioned above in natural fabric such as cotton, linen and silk that breathe better than man made materials. And remember to always leave room for clothes you may want to purchase once at port. I always enjoy finding a great maxi or tribal sandals at the local markets. So pack wisely!


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