Closet cravings:

New month, new cravings!
Hello May! Here we go:

Closet cravings May

1. Skinny jeans

I have one pair that I never wear because it is too tight. I am going to fix it but in the meantime I want one in dark denim or grey that is so comfy, I forget about my other jeans.

2. Pleated dress

This one is a pure covet and a regret. At Krabi airport I saw this lady wearing this neon green high low pleated dress. I am not a fan of the color but the dress is so light, I desired it. Fast forward to a day later, I find the similar dress at Chattujak market but in black. I ask for the price and it is cheap. I am worried about the size but it seems doable as well. But at the last minute I see a tiny hole. I bargain with the shop seller and she reduces the price a bit but not to my satisfaction. So I do not buy it. Now I regret it....I am sure I will never find a similar dress in black for that low a price anywhere else in the world let alone India but my fingers are crossed.

3. Oversized button down shirt

I want them in every color but I will settle for white, yellow, coral, royal blue and olive green. I may as well look for Indo western looks at the mall because I am sure I saw something similar there before. If not, I will wait until Bargain season and get men's kurta at Big Bazaar. They tend to have the same kind of shirt in every color and sometimes with lapels.

4. Shoes

For this summer I want white platforms and leopard printed canvas.

5. Tees (long sleeves)

I do not want this. I need this. I need plenty of long sleeves breathable cotton or jersey tee that I can build millions of outfits around. I am getting tired of layering my short sleeves tee with a cardigan. I favor them in black white and grey but you know I will go for a striped one if the price is right. Actually I already have them but I only used them in Winter. Maybe I should recycle the less heavy ones to see first.

6.  Bucket bag

Not only because they are trendy but they also are ladylike and seem practical. Plus I am lacking black and brown in my bag collection. Who knew!? 

It is funny how I have not managed to get one thing from my last closet cravings except mirrored sunglasses (I think that at three I am good now). But I am not rushing or anything. It usually takes me time to find the exact piece I am looking for. I rarely settle for color, shape or price because If I do, I may never wear it...


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