Thailand Street Style (beach style and airport style included)

Hello again!

I know, I know. I have been only blogging about Thailand. But this one is my last, I promise.

Here are some of the pictures of people I snapped during my trip. Most of them were snapped without permission so I am sorry in advance if you recognize yourself. I am pretty shy to approach people and ask for pictures. But fear not, these pictures just show that I do admire your style even if I could not go and tell you myself. Most of them reflect what I would like to wear some day. And some other reflect  what I call "bold". 

I did want to snap so many more because I think Thai people are stylish, and that tourists do wear interesting things. However time and the fear of being discovered were the issues. Enjoy these though and tell me what you think!!!

Embroidered oversized shirt at Airport

Yellow blazer, maxi dress, pink bag and shoes..Never knew pink and yellow paired so well! 

Girls in Traditional Thai attire 

Beautiful printed pleated skirt 

Hijab Style

Man in crocs

Advanced style in Printed pants 

Playsuit and heels for breakfast

Ruffled dress at the beach 

Muslim love at the beach 

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