Rest in Peace

In the heartbreak hotel they found you
lying cold in water blue.
The echoes of your death schocked
an entire world you left stranded.

Didn't you almost have it all
the money, the fame and the greatest love of all?
Why did you do me this way
Waste your life so soon as M.J.?

For one moment in time
You were all I had in mind.
You made wanna dance with somebody,
wondered how would I know,
pushed me into that show
that was nothing without you.

You gave me exctasy.
You were my fantasy.
For I dreamt that I will grow up oneday
to become somebody like you.

You made me feel
like a million dollar bill.
I looked to you
to find an escape to sorrow
waiting to exhale into
a better person I would grow.

You were the Queen of the night
on stage, tore me apart
with glee.
You did it naturally.
But in real life
You were just every woman
trying to survive that man
learning from the best
fighting for your hapiness.

Now where do broken hearts go?
for they will never find their way home.
Your death was a blow
to the beautiful life I hope.

It is not right but it is okay.
I am going to make it anyway
for I have Bey
Alicia and Adele to count on today.

I refuse to shed tears,
bitter sweet memories
would be all I am taking with me
only holding on to those souvenirs
you helped me create all these years.

For the joy,
for the friend
who taught me how to be coy;
to fall this way you were meant
but immortality you shall obtain.
As to rest they lay your remains
I am singing: I will always love you


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