When it comes to fashion prints, I have many obsessions. I like animal prints (Leopard,
Tiger, Zebra you name it). I absolutely adore big flower prints particularly in maxi
dresses. And I am in love with stripes.

Strangely the only print I do not own is Polka dots. What do I have against Polka dots
you may ask. And I would answer absolutely nothing. It is just that it never occurred to
me to get a Polka dots print.

Back in the days (when I was a tween), I owned a polka dots dress (a white dress with
black huge dots) that I had a tailor change into a skirt. I loved the outfit and would rock
it. But after that I cannot remember owning something with dots. (except for a jumpsuit I found too hard to style and ended up selling)

As dots are coming back into the Fashion sphere, it is not a surprise to find me attracted
to them. It is not to the point where I have to have one, but if I find one with the right
style, the right size and the right price, why not?

Here are some I like:

Red Polka dotted blouse with a bow at for 1490Y

Blue tee with white dots and lace collar. Spotted similar one at Shimamura and Don Don Down

Dotted dress for 2990Y at jp

Dotted trench coat for 3880Y at

And a future style steal:

Style pantry polka dots blouse

What about you? Have you tried this trend yet? 


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