Simple is best

Simple is best

This was part of a challenge from H&M using polyvore. All I had to do was to make a set using items from the highly anticipated Versace for H&M collection. I chose this following pieces because as bold as I like to be, I find some of the items of Donatella a tad overwhelming. Well, that is Versace for you. So here I chose this dress in black, this fur vest (I am starting to believe that I could go for a fur vest someday, it is so blogger or stylist like), this crazy printed bag and the killer shoes. They remind me of a pair I used to own in pink but gave away because they were a bit tight.
Yesterday, I went to my fave H&M shop to ask them when the collection will be on sale. They said in the middle of November. However they were not sure whether or not the shop will provide those items or not. Online, it is said that the collection will be sold on November 17th. The things I saw online are not bad, but I will not wait in line for hours to get them. And it also depends on the price. I will have to get more information to proceed.

On other news, Zara can be shopped online in Japan now. Check it here

(seriously with all the buzz that the bloggers are giving to brands, the later do not need to invest in advertisement anymore! I am just saying! You would think I would get some discount for mentionning H&M in my blog, like Kanye West does when he mentions Louis Vuitton, but no!!!)


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