Latest cravings: military green shorts!

Well it has been a while! If no one reads my blog then it is not a complete lost. Then again if some of my readers have been waiting for a new post, let me apologize. Life was hectic in a good way this last month.

Anyway, I want to talk about my new fashion craving: Military Green Shorts.

Why? Why on earth would I crave shorts when we are in the middle of Fall and temperatures are dropping?
Was it because I saw them on my friend Emily and she looked fab in them?
Was it because my husband tempted me with the idea of going to Hawaii for the Xmas holidays? (well it ain't happening anymore...sniff! Sniff!)
Was it because I think I can pull them off?

I have no idea but I do think that military green shorts for Fall/ Winter are not a bad idea.

I always thought that by trying to be modest and all, shorts were out of the question. But after seeing so many Japanese mothers wearing them with tights and leggings, I am starting to believe that they are not out of my league. I could make them work. I already have great leggings in black. What I need now are a pair of shorts that are knee length, not too tight, not too wide and in the perfect military green color.

I did look at Shimamura because I knew it would be the only place where I could find military green shorts this season (I found the green cargo that I love so much there). They had many styles but none of them were in my size or long enough. Needless to say that they did not have green shorts at H&M or Zara. So my last resort is to try 390 Mart. I have never seen shorts there but maybe if I check the boys section I may get lucky. How sad is it that I have to look at the men's section to find shorts that fit me in Japan? Well I can't complain. At least now I get to have pants in my size compared to some 6 or 7 years ago.

Here some styles that I like

This one is from Nissen on sale at 1990Y (I could not copy the pic of the green one)

This one is not bad and seems long enough for 3990Y at

This one is not bad but I want the green to be darker and the length a tad longer

 available at for 3990Y


This one is by far my fave. If it was a bit longer and my size! 
Chino style shorts with belt available at for 1990Y

I think that Japan is getting to me. By living here  I am starting to like things I would have normally hated. When I came back here a year ago, I thought Japanese ladies were crazy to wear shorts with leggings. But now, it is somewhat appealing. And yesterday I saw a mother having a paired look with her 3 year old daughter. The mother wore a dolman sweater over a checked shirt, denim shorts, leggings and Ugg boots. Her daughter wore a white tee, cargo shorts and Ugg boots. And they even had the same chouchou (scrunchy) on their pony tails. They were so cute. I looked at them and wondered why I had boys instead of girls. Well, one of the reason why is that I may ruin myself (and my husband) buying outfits for them and myself because the pair look would have been a staple in my life. Oh, well....someday or in another life!


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