Halston Heritage Pleated dresses (IOICAT)

                                 SJP wearing a gold pleated Halston dress at the Met Gala 2010

If it were not for Sarah Jessica Parker (and Sex and the City), I would have lived my life without knowing about Halston. (As a matter of fact, if it were not for Carrie Bradshaw, I would have lived my life without being aware of many brands)
I fell in love with Halston dresses worn by SJP on SATC 2. I thought the dresses were beautiful, and very simple. Plus they seemed to be easy to wear. I enjoy being comfortable while dressing. In fact, I would sacrifice fashion for comfort. I know it is a true taboo among fashionista, but I have a feeling that with Halston pleated dresses, I could be both (comfortable and fashionable) without compromising. But it is not the only reason these Halston dresses are appealing to me. They remind me of a a pleated top I was in love with. I purchased it in Korea hundred years ago. It was in light blue, with spaghetti straps and very flowy. As much as I loved the top I wore it only once to a Craig David concert. Last year I gave it to my sister in law because I knew that with her, the top will get more time out of the closet. I saw her wear it and it fits her very well. I do not regret giving it to her. Yet seeing the Halston dresses makes me covet another item like that. As they say: "you do not know what you got till it's gone"
Anyway, I need to get the money to purchase one of these pleated dresses. They are not overpriced like many other designer's dresses. Yet I guess I need to be making serious money if I want to indulge in owning one.

On a side note: since 2010, SJP became the chief creative officer of Halston. She is involved in the design of more affordable line of Halston products. And she has been the face of the company for a while now. The reason why I even know about that company and covet the dresses

                                            SJP in Halston pleated cocktail dress in SATC 2


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