Color me block

Spring= blooming flowers

blooming flowers= bright colors

bright colors= bright clothes

bright clothes= color blocking

For those of you who do not know about colorblocking (although I am pretty sure that if you are a fashion fan like me, you know about it), I found this definition on the Internet:
"Colour block ... combines the use of two or more blocks of colour in an ensemble... Simply it means – creating an outfit by putting areas or blocks of solid color next to each other."

I enjoy colors, bold colors. However I do not beleive that I have tried colorblocking before. Being a true Senegalese, I am a pro at color matching (the art of matching the colors in an outfit. For example: today I wore a a purple tunic over a black long sleeve top and black slacks, and I paired it all with black velvet shoes with a purple flower). But I have to say that although I appreciate color blocking on the runway and shop displays (and some bloggers), I have never tried the trend.
Well, I am no longer waiting. As a true follower, I will give in to the trend. And here are a few choices. Will they make it out of my house?

Not so much for colorblocking:
Striped scarf - Walmart
Orange top - Liz clairbone maternity for Target
Green slacks- Zara
Yellow shoes - Rampage
Stacks of bracelet - Indian shop in Harwin

Subtle colorblocking:
Meshed scarf - can't remember
Knit cut and sew - Random shop in Korea
Blue maxi dress - H&M
Gold sandals - thrifted

Neon colorblocking:
Hat - Ross
Knitted bolero - can't remember
Neon yellow top - 390 Mart
Fuschia cropped pants - Zara
Small tote bag - 100 Y shop in Saty
Neon sports shoes - shoes shop in Ishikawacho

Love the Zara Spring lookbook. Definitely an inspiration for colorblocking.

the Gucci Spring 2011RTW Collection is also fab

Some celebs colorblocking

Jessica Alba in DVF

Leona Lewis in her own design

                                                Malinda Williams in the cover of Denim mag


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