I dream of Wedges..

I decided not to shop for a while because I need to save for my business (but also for a trip somewhere nice where I get to go on a shopping spree). However there is one fashion item that is on my mind so much lately I think I will have to give in and shop a little. That fashion item is something called Wedges.

I do not need to explain what wedges are. For me there are a way of adding some height to myself without hurting my feet. You know I am all for comfort when it comes to fashion so much that I have at least 5 to 6 pairs of ballet flats, and my high heels are sleeping in a trunk under my son's bed. In fact the last time I wore heels, it was during the xmas holidays. In that sense, wedges are a way for me to compromise.

As of now I own 5 pairs of wedges: 1 brown from Payless, one gladiator style from Rockport, one orange from Bandolino, a black slingback one and red stripes from Walmart. I absolutely love all of them but I rarely wear them even if they are comfy. It is just that since they are under my son's bed, it is kind of hard to remember them. Plus, wedges and the hill that goes to my house do not go well together.

Wedges are so trendy in Japan right now, it is kind of hard not to notice them. I tried to convince myself that these shoes are for the true fashionista, not a simple lifer like me. However I was not successful because some mothers at my son's school- who usually wear flats-  have been sporting enough edgy wedges to get me obsessed. Can't a lady catch a break?

So I went to the nearest Shimamura to get myself a piece of the trend for less. And I was happy to see a variety for everyone taste. Unfortunately the wedges I wanted were only available in a small size. I was so pissed I could have killed someone. I was on my home when I spotted really cute and very affordable wedges at ABC Mart next door. I prayed to find my size and I saw a box with XL. Hoping I took the box and tried the wedges. They fitted but the straps were a bit tight. No worries, I told myself; I will just punc an extra hole in them. Then I tried walking in them and they were so high my ankles started to hurt. The old me would have bought those shoes and never wwear them because they would kill my feet. But the new me just walked away waiting for better and more fitting shoes.

So I am still on the search for a wedge that is edgy, but not too high I cannot walk in them. I would prefer something in the earth palette: brown, tan, camel. Suede or leather can be cute but optional. Really anything that can make my heart race and my feet feel like jelly, I am up for...and the price tag should be seriously affordable.

Here are a few I would not mind having (providing that they fit my criteria)

Crossed ankle strap wedges

Leopard wedges

T-strap wedges

Gladiator wedges

                                                            Another t-strap wedges

Peep toe bootie wedges

I used to own a pair like these but all in black suede back when I was 14. They looked more like clogs and made horrible sounds as I walked but I loved them.

Exotic wedges


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