It is raining. A typhoon is at Japan's doorsteps. Therefore, we will have rain the entire week. Rain is great when you want (and can) snuggle in bed the entire day with you hubby. But when you have a life outside of the bedroom, rain can be a pain. However I found the perfect way to fight it: by wearing colors.

If you know me, then you know that I am into colors, bold bright colors. I own several pieces in my closet that make me smile everytime I see them. However, I think that I do not really indulge in my love of colors. I am still very into dark basic colors when I dress because it is easier. The truth is that I pick my outfit 5mns before I get out of my house in the mornings, therefore I always snatch the easiest and the most worn clothes( lately, jeans or cargo pants, top and grey sweater). However, when I have to go somewhere different, I do tend to prepare in advance. And at that point I indulge in colors.

There are some fashion items I do wish I could own in several colors. And here they are:

- Cardigans:
I always bought my sweaters in colors. But I was never really into cardigans until this Spring. Maybe because everywhere I turned there were myriad of colorful cardigans. Japanese women tend to wear cardigans even during Summer to protect their skins of UV rays. That is why you can still shop for light cardigans all year around here. I already indulged in my love of cardigans by purchasing one in white and coral at Gap the other day but I want the following colors: navy, olive green, teal, mustard, red and of course my favorite: white and blue stripes.

- Pants:
My pants are all in basic colors: black, brown, beige. But I am thinking that this Summer, I could leave the safe zone and enter the fun one by getting cargo pants or jeans in the following colors: blue, fuschia, yellow and printed ones. I am not really sure that it will suit me. I am bottom heavy therefore colors may attract attention into the parts I want distraction from. But maybe with the right fit and styling, I could get away with it.

- Shoes and bags:
I do purchase shoes and bags in colors instead of style. For a person who stays into basic color more than half of the year, they are a great way to add color into my life. However for this year, I was really thinking of getting into the printed sphere. I love prints particularly African prints but I never come close to purchasing accessories in those fabrics. They are just so fun to look at and wear.

Printed accessories

Printed accessories by Chilel Aissitou featuring wedge heels

So how are you going to wear color this Summer?


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