One pair of cargo pants, endless possibilities

Remember back in January when I made a post called One shirt, endless outfits? Well, I had so much fun styling myself around just one shirt, I decided to do it again with my fav pair of cargo pants. Here it is:

Cargo pants- Chino style

Cargo pants - Shimamura
Black cap - Ross
Beaded top - Ross
Golden sweater- Thrifted
Flats - H&M

Chino style

Close up on the beaded top

                               Folded hem on the pants and room shoes turned into ballet flats

Although these pants can be worn as cargo, I decided to turn them into a chino pants just by folding the hem a bit. I was inspired by a lady on the streets who owns real chino pants. I love chino pants and would love to own one in the same army green as these cargo pants. But I figure I cannot buy every single item I love in every single color I love (I already have chino pants in pink) just because. So I am working with what I have now.

Cargo pants - Folded style

Cargo pants - Shimamura
Printed dress - Ross
Tank top - Honey's
Floppy hat - Bday gift
Rockport wedges - Ross
Basket bag - Fam's Market

Folded style

Love this bag

Perfect summer accessory: floppy hat

And the love of my life (for now): the wedges

I love this dress. It was one of my first purchase in Ross. I do not wear it as often as I did because obviously I gained some weight. It looks so "beachy"... styled like this.

Cargo pants as long pants

Cargo pants - Shimamura
Scarf - Walmart
Yellow men's shirt - H&M
Bandolino Wedges - Marshalls
Accessories: earrings and bracelet from India (gift), ring bought years ago in an Indian shop in Japan

Normal slacks

Men's wear with feminine twist

Close up on the colorful scarf

The love of my life (number 2): Bandolino wedges

The accessories; dropped earrings + matching bracelet and random ring

I am trying to go for a color block look but it is not very bold, maybe because the scarf pulls it all together. I enjoyed the color of the shirt. It just makes me happy. I wish I owned more yellow clothes. It is definitely one of my fav color right now.

Cargo pants for a party

Cargo pants - Shimamura
Turban - Jerusalem Halal meat shop
Ruffle leopard shirt -
Flower clutch - H&M
Green sandals - bought years ago in a random shop in Tokyo

Folded a bit to show the ankle design on the shoes

Close up on the turban and clutch

Can you see the ruffles?

Close up on the shoes

I finally found my ruffle leopard shirt. I saw this beauty online and had to have it. Unfortunately the sleeves are too short for my taste. I thought that being a size LL, it would be perfect for me. Imagine my disappointment. That is why I almost never shop online. I am too scared to be disappointed. Anyway, I like the shirt and will use it until I find a better replacement.

So what do you think? Have you tried doing the same with your clothes? It is so much fun!! And a great way to restyle never worn clothes (and avoid shopping).


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