Outfit planner- Thailand

It seems like Summer is coming early. Actually I am going to get some heat during this winter. The hubby is going to Thailand for business and he is nice enough to take us with him for a long week end at the beach.
The first (and only time) I was in Thailand was in 1992. I was 11. My father was offered a trip to any destination he wanted as a thank you for working 20 years at the same travel agency. So he choose Bangkok. We spent a good week sightseeing (Buddha and floating market), eating burgers at Macdonald (because we were scared to try the Thai food), and shopping in Sukumvit street. I loved it....Come to think of it, it was the last time we all went somewhere as a family.
Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to go down memory lane but to help plan what things I need or want to take there. I barely have 5 days, and most of the time will be spend in the city or the pool hopefully. So what is a girl to take with her (considering that my hubby is allowing me to take only one luggage for me and the kids. Since he will be going there before us, I will travel alone with the kids. He does not want me to get ostructed with too many luggages. I am allowed a carry on bag and one luggage.)

For the trip:
- Skinny jeans (Ross)
- Tommy Hilfigher Long sleeves tee (unseen- bought in Sexy miser discount store years ago )
- White tunic (from Indonesia, present from my friend S.)
- Animal print scarf (H&M)
- Faux leather jacket (Shimamura)
- Jeweled flats (Shimamura)
- Bag (birthday gift from my friend M.)

                                  Love this bag. (M, I am finally using it even if its not for what it was meant to)

For days in Bangkok
- African print dress (from my Mother)
- White tee (Hanes)
- Black skirt (H&M)
- Beaded top (Ross)
- Flower printed Kaftan (tailor made from home)
- Zeebra t-shirt (Fam's Market)
- Grey sweater (Ross)
- Swim suit (Walmart)
- Dollhouse Lomo sandals (Ross)
- Sandals (bought in Malaysia)
- Oversized bag (Daiso)

                                                                Outfit 1: White tee + African dress

                                                           Outfit 2: Kaftan+ skinny jeans

Outfit 3: Beaded top + black maxi skirt

                                                    Outfit 4: Grey sweater + Zeebra tee + skinny jeans

 Oversized bag (only problem is that there is no zipper that closed it completely)

                                                       The shoes: the jeweled flats are for the trip

- Beaded bangles (Sandaga Market)
- Gold jewelry
- Turkey charm bracelet (not pictured)
- Silver bracelet (present from my husband)
- Leaf earrings (Shasa)
- Gold bangle (Shimamura)
- Long Beaded necklace (Shimamura)
- Beaded hair band (Daiso)
- Black hair band ( Ross)

Is it too much for 5 days, you tell me?


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