Mad about Stripes

I have been mad about stripes since last Spring/Summer. I went on a search for the perfect striped tee all last Summer long and got lucky at Gap. But my obsession did not stop there. Last Winter, I indulged myself with two striped sweaters. I thought that would be it. However with shops displaying boat neck striped tee and dresses everywhere I look, it is hard not to resist. I already fell into the trap and got myself a boat neck striped long tee, striped shoes and scarf in red and white.

                                                                 Uniqlo striped long tee

                                                                         Zara flats

                                                                           H&M scarf

But I want more. And here are the few things I want:

                                                                   H&M striped dress

                                                    Merona Trench (so last year but still want it)

                                 Striped Jacket (this one is Zara but Shimamura has the same)

According to a study in UK, horizontal stripes makes curvy women look thinner, instead of fatter. Hoorah for me! Anyway, I did not need a study to tell me what I can and cannot wear. I already own so many horizontal stripes it makes me sick. And I still want more...
(side note: who has time to study whether or not horizontal stripes made women thinner or fatter????)

A few stripes from the designers:

Are you mad about stripes?


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