Bangkok Style

I have been in Bangkok for a week now, eating, sleeping, lounging at the pool, eating (very important) and shopping (not enough for my taste though). I did go outside enough to check the style of Thai women. And I find it very interesting. I can seriously say that they have every style here, from preppy to bohemian, to trendy to slightly call girl, to extremely call girl.
But I saw two ladies and fell head over heels in love with their style. Too bad I was too shy to ask for their pictures. The first lady was a Muslim and here is what she wore:
Brown scarf, white shirt, tapered camel chino pants and camel shoulder bag. She looked so posh.
The other lady wore almost the same thing except she did not have a scarf and she wore extremely high sandals. Her pants were mustard. This is the style I want to steal but I need to loose 10 kilos and find chinos pants that do not make my bottom look big.

I got the courage to snatch a few pictures.(but not enough) Enjoy!

I took this picture at the park. This lady was showing her foreigners friends the town (I suppose) and this is what she wore (a Herve Ledger inspired dress and sky high heels) to the park!!! 

    This girl was waiting for her "boyfriend" who was on the phone. I have to say that she was among the mostly covered paid escort in Bangkok.

The week end market (Chatujak) and Pratunam market were such an inspiration. I particularly enjoy the part where I got to see how creative those Thai people were. They were hundred of stalls where people were selling clothes or accessories they designed themselves (or stole the design from fashion magazine or just bought wholesale somewhere). And you had everything for all the taste. Moreover, it was not very expensive. I loved the maxi dresses or skirt made out of batik or tie dye, the t-shirts with sexy messages, even the trendy clothes. I absorbed it all and wish I had enough time and money to get it all piece by piece.

                                                 Stall of Totes made with Thai material

I managed to score a few things:

a clutch bag for159 baht*
(*1 baht=¥3.27 or $0.03 as of today so do the maths)

a maxi dress (300 baht)

2 sandals and 2 flats for (100 baht each)

a flower printed shirt (150 baht)

a slouchy bag (100 baht)

t-shirts and jeans for my kids (700 baht)

some cute souvenirs for my friends (scented candles, wooden chopstick, coin purses, silver accessories)

My only regret is that I could not get a bag I coveted at the market. It was pink, almost coral, looked like a messenger bag but in a girly way and had skulls printed on the leather (or fake leather). It was so feminine yet edgy. And it was very affordable (299 baths). I decided to wait to see if I can find another one for a lower price somewhere else in the market. And as time went by and I saw other things and completely I forgot to return and get the bag. Even if I did remember about it, there was no way I would remember the exact location of the stall. It seems the market was organized and shops had numbers but most of the stalls I saw were just being set on the alleys of the market; they did not have numbers. Therefore it is hard for people to locate them. I went home knowing that I had lost that bag forever. In markets like this, you want something, get it the first time you see it or you may never get it at all. And I am kicking myself for forgetting about this important rule of week end market shopping. I guess I lost the habit after all this time spent at malls and official stores.

As a consolation, I got myself a Longchamp replica bag (yep a fake!Sue me!). It is different from all the ones I see out there (so I guess, it will be easily spotted as a fake) but it is pretty so I do not care.

What Thai girls wear

1- Casual (girly girl)
-high waisted skirt with sheer shirt
-tank top and short short (jeans)
-chino pants and shirt

2- Office lady
some kind of uniform made of polo shirt or buttoned shirt with black skirt or black pants (shoes could be pumps or sandals)

3- trendy ladies
designer outfit and designer accessories

4- call girls
clothes made out of spandex and very tight and short, and sky high heels

5- Lady boy (or she-male)
clothes made out of spandex and very tight and short, sky high heels and heavy make up

Too bad, I did not dare photograph any of these things I saw. But believe, Bangkok was so inspiring, colorful and hot, I will so go back...

                                                                  Sawadee Kha


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