The Jersey Skirt!!! (Part 1)

I love everything jersey (or Lycra or knit fabric). I particularly love the way it drapes. And also the fact that you do not need to iron it . I have been looking for a grey jersey maxi skirt for a long time and finally got lucky during my Xmas holidays back home. But now I am faced with a problem on how to style it.

I do not like the fact that the jersey skirt being a pencil type ( I would have preferred a maxi skirt), it drapes the body in a way that all of its nooks and crannies show (being a plus size also does not help). It is great if you are into that sort of  thing. However I dread that my assets shall be exposed in such a way. Therefore I need to find a way to rock that skirt without looking overly sexy. If you have the same issues as me, here is what to do.

Try it with a blouse:

An over sized blouse is my go to item to mask the assets. A nice white or black shirt will compliment the skirt perfectly. Or go for bold prints if you are the adventurous type. Adding a belt will cinch the waist and make the look even more polished.

With a shirtdress:

Shirtdress are perfect for camouflaging bulges. I often use them over jumpsuits and tight pants. With the skirt, the trick is to chose a shirtdress that already have a cinched waist built in. If not find one that comes with a belt, or use a belt you already have.

With a long coat or vest:

Coats or long vests are a lifesaver. They add a chic factor to any outfit, let along a casual jersey skirt.

With an oversized cardigan:

In Summers, use cardigans that are in light knit fabric and in Winters the heavier, the better. Either way, cardigans are also a no brainier and fuss free.

With a peplum top:

I absolutely love peplum tops with cascading effect at the back. They are just so classy and fun at the same time. Here, the cascading back will hide the big butt.

With a high and low tunic or dress:

High and lows will never go out of style for me because they let me wear otherwise too revealing bottoms all the while letting me stay modest.

There you have it. You will notice that I used all Hijabis for picture references. It was done on purpose to show that one can be stylish without having to reveal anything at all. All these ladies are covered from head to ankle, yet they are still hip. As I said earlier, it all depends on your style. If you want to go and flaunt your curves, more power to you. As for me, the more covered, the better. 

Read here to see how I finally managed to style my own jersey skirt inspired by these fabulous Hijabis. 


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