Kerela (in pictures)

Some pictures for you to have a glimpse of our fantastic time in Kerela

Inside Jayalakshmi store in M.G. road, Kochi

Nice saree inside Jayalakshmi that caught my eye (and no, I did not buy it!)

Breakfast at International hotel

Never seen a Bougainvilliers I did not like, International hotel

Banana car


Backwaters cruise

Diner at Thaff restaurant : Fried tuna, Appam and fried rice

Fish in banana leaf

Luxury houseboat at Lake Palace resort

Saree display at Maheshwari store in Mallakal, Allepey

Sarees at SM Silks in Mullakal, Allepey

Kerelan lunch buffet at Revi Heights, Mullakal, Allepey

Backwaters in Allepey center


Captain of the sea

Sunset on cruise

Night ferry boat ride

Inside Lake Palace resort

Kerelan sarees and lungis

Matching Lungi and shirt

Kerelan sarees

Fish Palak at Sardarji ka Dabbah restaurant in Kochi

Mutton Rara

Chicken biryani

Gold jewelry display on M.G.road

Saree display at The Chennai Silks store in M.G.road

"I found a perfect match in a Muslim"
Interesting donor ad on the highway to Kochi airport

Man in Skirt


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