Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I dream of Mules

Hello readers!

Today I am going to share another shoe trend I am willing to give a try in my endless ordeal of dressing like a lady: Mules.

Technically, they have been trendy since last Spring. But I live in a place where Fall, Winter and Spring do not really exist so I can wear whatever trend I like except for coats, leather and boots (although I saw some who tried it!!!)

Anyway, I was never a big fan of mules. I considered them to be the kind of shoes older ladies wore with their traditional outfits back home. It screamed "dated" to me and I wanted to stick to young trendy styles.

How Senegalese women wear mules

Yet, I still purchased three pairs over the years just because I wanted something to wear with my traditional outfits. I was never sold on the thing until recently. Mules being trendy this year,  I discovered that they could be very young and still add a definite class to any outfits even the most casual ones.

Here are some I am dreaming of:


1- Patent black with two straps:

When I was a teen,  my mother had a pair of black patent mules with two straps. The heel was over five inches and super skinny but she wore those heels like they were tennis shoes. I was so fascinated that when she wasn't around, I would try the shoes on and walk around the house. I never quite managed to walk in them properly. I am not sure what my Mother did with the pair (knowing her, they are probably somewhere hidden in her closet). But now I want a pair just like them. Call me sentimental or even nostalgic. I do not care. If I see the exact pair with the right price, they are mine. Also the same pair in rose gold would be perfect for a fabulous party (not that I go to fabulous parties anyway but...)

2- Flat:

Since flat shoes are really the kind of shoes I wear on a daily basis, I would not mind getting a pair. But I would splurge on the details because I want a pair with bling or embroidery like the Moroccan sliders or beaded like Indian Khussa.

Available at

3- Block heels:

When it comes to heels, block heels are more my cup of tea. I would like them to be in real leather and in basic colors like black, white and nude because these types will be fashionable for years to come. Did I mentioned that they go with everything?

Available at 

4- Suede:

Just because I am the kind of gal that thinks that (almost) every shoe looks better in Suede.

Available at Zara

5- Colorful and Pastel

By now you know that I am obsessed with a colored shoe. A colorful mule will go perfectly with any muted outfit and elevated my minimal chic styling (that is when I start dressing minimal chic). I would go for bold hues but pastels colored mules would also be a great addition to my shoe collection.

I am not sure I will find all the kind of Mules I am lusting over for an affordable price. And truthfully, I just need a pair or two: a chunky heeled one and a flat one. Thankfully I come from a country where mules are always in style so If ever I do not get lucky in Pune, I will just get some back home or steal my mother stash (she has several).

So, are you into mules as well?

I leave you with some of my favorite mules rocking style:

Dina Torkia of 

Veronica Popoiacu of

Sandee Joseph of 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Closet cravings: In preparation for colder days

We are in October already. The year 2015 is slowly coming to an end. In Pune, it has rained less, and mornings are becoming chillier. I am looking forward to colder weather so I can layer again.

In the meantime, here is what I crave for this month:

closet cravings october

Open toe ankle strap booties

I have never been a fan of booties. I have never even thought about buying them until I saw a pair one sale at Payless. I tried it and I looked bad ass in it. However, it was in a size too small, aka too small to be comfortable in it. So I did not get them. Now they are haunting me.

Greek style sandals

It never gets too cold in Pune so I can still wear sandals even in Winter time. I saw this pair in nude at the market and even though it look great on my feet, I still wanted the gold version. The coral version was also to die for. Would it be crazy to buy them in three colors?

Garba outfit

Dandiya is around the corner. Every year I attend a Dandiya dance at my kids school but I never dress up for it. This year,  with some friends we decided to go all decked up. So I need me a Garba outfit. I saw some at the mall that were too die for. Yet I do not want anything too folkloric because I intend to wear the outfit again (amid deconstructed). Therefore a simple Bandhej (tie dye) will be more my style in blue green color or yellow orange. Or since I already have a fantastic blue gold skirt, I might just add an embroidered long kurta, or a embroidered jacket and call it a day!

Black dress

I own a little black dress, now I want a maxi black dress with long sleeves. Enough said!


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