I dream of Mules

Hello readers!

Today I am going to share another shoe trend I am willing to give a try in my endless ordeal of dressing like a lady: Mules.

Technically, they have been trendy since last Spring. But I live in a place where Fall, Winter and Spring do not really exist so I can wear whatever trend I like except for coats, leather and boots (although I saw some who tried it!!!)

Anyway, I was never a big fan of mules. I considered them to be the kind of shoes older ladies wore with their traditional outfits back home. It screamed "dated" to me and I wanted to stick to young trendy styles.

How Senegalese women wear mules

Yet, I still purchased three pairs over the years just because I wanted something to wear with my traditional outfits. I was never sold on the thing until recently. Mules being trendy this year,  I discovered that they could be very young and still add a definite class to any outfits even the most casual ones.

Here are some I am dreaming of:


1- Patent black with two straps:

When I was a teen,  my mother had a pair of black patent mules with two straps. The heel was over five inches and super skinny but she wore those heels like they were tennis shoes. I was so fascinated that when she wasn't around, I would try the shoes on and walk around the house. I never quite managed to walk in them properly. I am not sure what my Mother did with the pair (knowing her, they are probably somewhere hidden in her closet). But now I want a pair just like them. Call me sentimental or even nostalgic. I do not care. If I see the exact pair with the right price, they are mine. Also the same pair in rose gold would be perfect for a fabulous party (not that I go to fabulous parties anyway but...)

2- Flat:

Since flat shoes are really the kind of shoes I wear on a daily basis, I would not mind getting a pair. But I would splurge on the details because I want a pair with bling or embroidery like the Moroccan sliders or beaded like Indian Khussa.

Available at Baggout.com

3- Block heels:

When it comes to heels, block heels are more my cup of tea. I would like them to be in real leather and in basic colors like black, white and nude because these types will be fashionable for years to come. Did I mentioned that they go with everything?

Available at Koovs.com 

4- Suede:

Just because I am the kind of gal that thinks that (almost) every shoe looks better in Suede.

Available at Zara

5- Colorful and Pastel

By now you know that I am obsessed with a colored shoe. A colorful mule will go perfectly with any muted outfit and elevated my minimal chic styling (that is when I start dressing minimal chic). I would go for bold hues but pastels colored mules would also be a great addition to my shoe collection.

I am not sure I will find all the kind of Mules I am lusting over for an affordable price. And truthfully, I just need a pair or two: a chunky heeled one and a flat one. Thankfully I come from a country where mules are always in style so If ever I do not get lucky in Pune, I will just get some back home or steal my mother stash (she has several).

So, are you into mules as well?

I leave you with some of my favorite mules rocking style:

Dina Torkia of Lazydolls.com 

Veronica Popoiacu of Bittersweetcolours.com

Sandee Joseph of Curveenvy.com 


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