Back to the Basics: The Little Dresses

Often I look inside my closet and feel a bit sad that I do not have a to go dress that I can style in 5 minutes and look elegant and polish. Strike that! I do have that dress, in fact I have many. But for some reason, it is hassle to wear them because they are either sleeveless, see through or need a bit of ironing (or dry cleaning).
What a girl need is a no fuss, no muss kind of dress like these:

They say every girl needs a Little Black Dress. Then I am not every girl because I am really lacking one. I used to have one from Forever 21 back when I was "skinny" (kind of unbelievable, but it is true: I used to be skinny, some 6 years ago). But ever since I gained weight, I parted with the dress and have not found a replacement yet. I will stay away from the tight bodycon type that seems to be in style now. I do not like my clothes tight after all. Besides A line or full skirts are more flattering to my body type.

Topshop dress available at

Zara full sleeves dress at

T-shirt dress:

Heidi Merrick Huntington dress for more than $400 at

They were popular some 2 years ago and I think they are still very trendy. I really like them in one tone or colorblocking. And the longer the sleeves, the better.

Wrap dress:

DVF New Jeanne Two dress for $300 (more or less) at

 I think the perfect dress is a Wrap dress. That dress will fit and flatter any body type. Plus it can go from a day at the office to a formal party without a glitch. The faux wrap dress made in Jersey are also a great wardrobe staple. They scream elegant lady!

Printed dress:
 When I say prints, I am not thinking of anything bold like leopard. I am referring to tiny prints like polka dots, birds, bows, flowers, anything that represents the girly girl hidden inside of me. With all the retro trend happening, those dresses are making a huge comeback. I used to think that I am not cute enough for them but I am changing my mind little by little.

Polka dots dress on sale at

Bow print dress at for just 1490Y


Who does not love a shirtdress? It is such a easy breezy item, easily styled with leggings and flats. I love a white crisp, a bit see through shirtdress but these options below also make me drool:

Checkered shirtdress at

Denim shirtdress at for 1990Y

There you have it. I already started to add to my little dress collection by getting a faux wrap Ann Taylor dress the other at 390 Mart. (Once again I cannot stress enough how much I love this shop) Next on my list the white or denim shirtdress.

See anything you like?


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