Does Style comes with age or you have to be Michelle Obama?

Ok, I will do it again. I cannot help myself. I will have to write another post on Michelle Obama. I was just browsing through my favorite black gossip page when I saw pictures of her in this dashing red hot sheath she wore during the Medal of Freedom award ceremony at the White House last week. As I was admiring the dress and also the way she made it work, I could not help but wonder why Michelle Obama seems so stunning every time I see her, whether dressed up or in casual clothes.
The answer to this question is plain and simple: Michelle Obama knows what works for her. She developed a signature look or style that suits her very well. And it is not very often that we see her derailed from it. Her signature look is simple chic. She loves to wear sleeveless sheath or full skirted dresses, sometimes in one tone, sometimes in prints. She also likes to pair them with cardigans.

President and First Lady at the Medal of Freedom Award Ceremony

Another signature look of hers is the knee-length skirt, with plain top or blouse and cardigans.

Mrs Obama on the Tonight Show

On casual days, you can see her work cargo pants. The black flats are another statement piece of hers. Moreover, Mrs Obama knows how to make an outfit stands out. She always adds a little sparkle to what she wears by adding a statement brooch, a belt or pearls. You would never see her with a myriad of accessories on her.

Mrs Obama at now Justice Sotomayor swearing in ceremony

I do not know if her style comes as effortless as it looks. She must have stylists and make up artists who have for sole task to make her look good. Nevertheless, I am still under the impression that even though there is a team behind her elegance, she is the one to chose what she will put on and how. At the end of the day, she is the one who makes the decisions concerning her wardrobe. And she is not afraid of criticism. Furthermore, her sense of style did not emerge when she became a first lady. We all know how dashing she was during the elections. And being a first lady does not automatically put you on the elegance list because we had some first ladies in the past who were not big fashionistas (pantsuits anyone?).
I have the feeling that you have to have a certain age to know what looks good on you and not be afraid to wear it. When you are young, you are still searching for that style that suits you perfectly but also makes you you. I would like to believe that Mrs Obama did some experiment in the past and now she finally owns her style. Because if I do not think like that (that age and maturity will bring out the elegance and style in a person), I should abandon all hopes of being classy, stylish and elegant one day, don't you think?

Mrs Obama different looks


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