Party Time

For someone who has not been out partying since 2002, it is funny to daydream of a party wardrobe for this holiday season. But what can I say? The holiday season gets to me. I am in a generous mood to celebrate for no reason at all. And that usually means lots of shopping and lots of buying things I never need but want so badly. I want to party, eat buffet style party food and give and receive great gifts. I will probably do none of these things for I do not have that glamourous social life that requires being invited to parties this holiday season. However, dreaming is for free. And giving advice is certainly for free and more than appreciated. So let me dwell on what my recommend/ wish list would be this year for party outfits. This time around, I want to put a twist to it: I want to create two lists: one for when you want to play it nice and another for when you plan on getting naughty...

This list is for the daring edgy woman, who is not afraid of making an entrance and being the center of attention during the entire party.

Party shoes
Lately, designers came up with crazy, absolutely delicious and tremendously sexy shoes. You just have to pick your favorite to sport this holiday season. I usually do not build an outfit starting with the shoes, but the following ones were so inspiring, I could not resist.
First up are Diego Dolcini's Crystal strap sandals.They cost $2,250 and for any fashionista who can afford it, worth every penny of it.
Dolcini Crystal strap sandals

These shoes are just magical. They scream party. Hell, you can even wear them with nothing on. But seriously, the design is very pretty and sexy with a 5 inches heel embelished with crystals. This is serious bling for all the naughty girls out there.I would definitely be noticed in one of them.

Even more beautiful are the Louboutin Jeweled Platform shoes.

There is nothing more I can say about these shoes. I would just let you admire them and imagine all the clothes you can pair them with.
Sergio Rossi Satin and sequin gladiator sandal are just a tad more delicate but would also blow anyone's mind at a party.

My final recommendation for a fabulous party shoes is to get a boot for people with "cold feet". I love the Balmain Crystal Leopard Flap Boots but also the Azzaro Enchantment suede boots.

Sequin, Chain, Bead Dress
I know if paired with any shoes I mentioned earlier, a sequin dress will probably be too much sparkle for one body, but who cares, I am being naughty. I love sequins on pretty much everything. But put sequins on a dress and it is party all day, all night. I particularly love the Emilio Pucci sequin dresses. Some celebrities have been sporting them since last year. They are very pretty and colorful. It is almost like a work of art itself. Some are simple and basic, with some others he played with the ombre.

However if you want to stay sparkly for less, go for the Forever 21 collection. Their dresses are just under $30.

Now, If you want to be edgy but do not like the whole sequin thing, you can always go for dresses with chains or beading (I know, they are so in right now)like this Topshop knit dress.

Killer Accessories
"Less is more" they say when it comes to accessories particularly when you already have a shiny sparkly dress. However, you cannot have the xmas tree outshine you. So I recommend you go for it, after all it is all about being naughty. But seriously, you have to find the right accessory that will complement your outfit not clash with it. Stick with something as simple as a cuff or a clutch. I like a simple cuff with lots of ctystals or metallic like these
Showstopper Cuff for $32 at

Isharya Cuff for $438

Clutches are also huge. Even though they do not have enough space for all the things you may need for partying (make up kit, perfume, money...), they are the finishing touch to a glam tenue for partying.
Rasheda clutch for $420

Metallic clutch for $42 at

If you go with a tube dress that would leave your neck bare, get a necklace that is as edgy as your dress. Go for a mix of chains and pearls, layers and layers of liquid gold, or just silver. Think of making a statement with your accessories, so look for something that would definitely make you as noticeable as the misletoe.

Jacket or Coat
Unless you are partying in 85 degrees Miami, you will probably need a jacket to keep you warm on the way to the party. Tuxedo inspired and military jackets were so big this year. But for some reason, I love the short leather jacket, dress combination. It makes a sweet girl looks edgy.
I also adore jackets that are out of the ordinary. You can be sure to make an entrance with the Topshop Yellow faux fur boxy coat. For some people, you can end up looking like big bird wearing this. However match with the right accessories, it can be a huge hit.
Topshop Yellow faux fur boxy coat


This list is for the woman who wants to shine but still wants to play it safe and conservative. This list is more for a woman like me, who could never let herself be naughty.

- Jeweled tone party dress
You do not need sparkle or sequin. You just need a jeweled tone dress in silk or other shiny yet comfy material. The color I particularly recommend is fuchsia this year. I found this tuxedo inspired fuchsia dress in a magazine but for some reason I forgot the designer. It looked like this dress V Beckham is wearing.
Antonio Berardi Drop Waist Dress Coat for $1585

I would love to have the short dress paired with luminous black leggings.
I like colors but if you are a bit on the boring side, you could always get a LBD (little black dress) but with an added effect on the material such as lace, tulle, rusching and so on. I like this one I found on The rosettes makes this dress modern.

Classic Jewelry:
For the classic look, stick to pearls and gold necklaces. Diamond are always a big hit if you can afford them like these Van Cleef and Arpel snowflakes ear clips (vintage).

As myself, I like to keep it so simple, I will just go for the cocktail ring or a sparlky brooch on my dress, a la Michelle Obama.

To add just a tad of funk, I am dreaming of adding a feather headband to my hair or scarf. "pimped" headbands as I call them are really in lately. I enjoy the velvety texture of the feather. It is all so 1920s.
Audrina Feather headband $34.50

Ok, the price is ridiculous for a headband so just check retail stores such as Ross. You can find one there for less than $3
-Fancy Coat
Nothing says classic and nice like a white long coat. It is insane to think of white for a party because it can get dirty so easily. But white says clean, it says also winter. Therefore I recommend it for a classy look.
Supertrash Bowback Princess Coat

Furr (faux, that is) is always in style as well, and it makes you feel like a snoby, filthy rich housewife.
However, if you want to keep it clean but modern, go for a coat with an unusual design such as the following lace coat by Topshop

or this cute cropped coat with a bow by Wetseal

- Pumps
There are all sort of party worthy pumps. For a very nice yet girly look, think bow, flower, sateen, suede and maybe a little bit of sequin. I enjoy the ones in sateen with some kind of design like flower or lace. The plain pump in suede is also very flattering. Louboutin is a genius when it comes to pumps that are a bit unusual like these Anemone pointed toe.

The good thing is that Wetseal has its own version for us broke girls. Moreover, I absolutely adore Nina shoes. Most of them are in satin and have this gorgeous rich color on them.
Nina Ulexa red rouge

Voila. All or almost all you need it to make the holiday party rounds a success (fashion wise, you are on your own for the rest). Now, it does not matter whether you are naughty or nice, just go for it, have fun, socialize, eat plenty. And worry about the calories after New year's Eve.
Happy Holidays


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